You know something is really wrong in the world when toilet paper and hand sanitizer are on the list of marital assets!

It's a fine time for a pandemic!

Has your divorce been delayed due to COVID-19 precautions?  Perhaps you were lucky enough to complete your legal divorce before the lockdown, but now your debut as a singleton is that of a masked, gloved, isolationist.

Either way, COVID-19 precautions make any stage of divorce more difficult!

Which is worse?

COVID-19 or Divorce

Both may put you into the poor house, cause you to live in isolation, lead to depression and boredom.  One can lead to death and the other to your attorney's office. Each crisis has affected your children, job and social life. One may start with a restraining order against a soon-to-be-ex. The other comes with a recommended social distancing order of 6 feet between you and every person on this earth.

Maybe it isn't just about which is worse.  Maybe you'll sit in your home crying and whining while your life savings is being flushed down the proverbial toilet (albeit without toilet paper) and wonder why you had to pick now to get divorced.  Whyyyy?!

And while the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in a shortage of many much needed household items, most stores have an abundance of Corona Beer® which is still very popular with most recent divorcees (especially those who are spazzing about continued shortages of that precious toilet paper, as well as, money and sex).  All of which are common shortages in divorcee's households even without a pandemic (if toilet paper represented "life as we know it" and money and sex represented MONEY and SEX)!

Ya. Both are equally bad events in your life that separately are enough to make you miserable; together enough to make you wait in your local drive-thru for 45 minutes for dinner in a bag and consider it "a night out on the town".   Pathetic, but true.

It's a pandemic.  Let's put it in perspective.

COVID-19 kills.  And to anyone who has suffered a greater loss than what the necessary and precautionary measures have done to impact our economy and life, DMK's heart and prayers go out to you.  

What does COVID-19 do?

A coronavirus is common.  It affects your upper respiratory system.  But this virus is different.  According to the March 2020, Forbes website article, How Does the COVID-19 Coronavirus Kill? What Happens When You Get Infected?, COVID-19 aka SARS-CoV2, can infiltrate both your upper and lower respiratory systems. 

If the virus stays in your upper respiratory sytem, you, like nearly 18% of those who reported infection may have no symptoms at all. 

However, once in the lower respiratory tract, COVID-19 can lead to pneumonia and eventually ARDS, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.  This is when your lungs have suffered so much damage they can no longer function properly, respiratory failure occurs and a ventilator is necessary to help you breath.  

Unfortunately, when you need a ventilator, "You need a ventilator!".  Kinda' like when you need an attorney, "You need an attorney!"   

It's not something that can wait, despite the reported shortage due to the pandemic (Ventilators, that is.  There will always be an abundance of divorce attorneys - Yippee!)

Strokes and life threatening blood clots have also been reported as secondary complications of the virus.

Finally, if your body continues to struggle to beat the infection, sepsis may set in as your body's extreme response, causing a severe drop in vital signs, organ failure and possible death. 

This is the worst possible outcome.

What does Divorce do?

Pretty much the same thing, accept with lawyers, accountants and mediators.

Humor aside.  

For the sake of supporting our readers during both a pandemic and divorce, our comparison is really between your divorce and the COVID-19 precautions (masks, gloves, temperature restriction zones, isolation, social distancing, school and work cancellations) taken for your benefit.

Though it's not always easy to accept some life events aren't just "good or bad", rather "bad or worse", realizing the bad or difficult times in your life are tough, but in cases like pandemic precautions and divorce, a survivable outcome.  SURVIVABLE.

Precautionary measures are much like your decision to divorce - they were put in place to avoid a worse and more devastating outcome.  The choices made were made in hopes that all who would be affected would have the strength, will and determination to survive the challenges of the precautions instead of a life threatening virus or in the case of divorce, life lasting unhappiness.

Not easy either way.  But if you die of COVID-19, you die.  If you stay unhappy for a lifetime married to the wrong person, it's a lost lifetime of personal happiness.  

Don't expect an immediate "normal" following either crisis.  Instead, anticipate, consider and plan your way out.  You have your whole life to find what you seek.  A few more days, weeks, months or even a year would be worth the rest of your life. 

Hopefully, COVID-19 restrictions will start to be reduced this month.

Until then.  Do this.

Follow the guidelines as set forth by the CDC, government and local guidelines.  Also:

      • Run, walk, go for a bike ride
      • Call a friend once a day, week or -in awhile 
      • Spend time reading to your kids or download an e-book for yourself
      • Start a low risk home business 
      • Find a home based temporary job
      • Seek temporary work at essential service locations (use precautionary gear)
      • Work on your house
      • Work on your resume or anything you said you never had time to do
      • Rearrange a room in your home 
      • Try some new recipes
      • Write, paint, design and let your inner creative side emerge
      • Garden
      • Take your pets for a walk
      • Journal your experience

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