Statistics indicate nearly half of all marriages in the United States are destined to end in divorce.  But, for years your marriage was secure and successful and the statistics didn't affect you.  Now what?

Before hiring an attorney for the purpose of ending your marriage, you should be sure it's what you want. Unless there's a legal situation that would warrant the immediate hiring of an attorney, it should never be done following an argument, spouses confession or unexpected change in your marriage. This is especially true if the cause is uncharacteristic of you, your spouse or your marriage.

The most frustrating obstacle when facing divorce is a deceitful soon-to-be-ex.  It's a painful experience both emotionally and practically.  At some point you just want to move forward and get this person out of your life.

Divorce can bring about a variety of complicated emotions that may make your life seem off-balance.  You may wonder if you'll ever feel like yourself again.  You're experiencing one of the many stages of divorce.