This is most certainly a time to have a party.  You have chosen to end your marriage and begin a new single lifestyle to improve your individual lives.  While you and your spouse have undoubtedly suffered with the pains of a failing marriage, you have both made a courageous step into the unknown.  Let's party!

It's never easy to decide if you and your spouse should divorce. But, every 36 seconds there is a divorce in the United States.  That's over 870,000 divorces every year in one country.  You are not alone.  But, the process can be stressful and complicated without knowing what's ahead of you. DMK Divorce Essentials test can help.

Divorce Questions

It's never easy to decide if you should divorce.  Only you and your spouse can make the actual decision.  But it helps to have a guide along the way.  DMK Marriage Workshops or Divorce Workshops have specific tests designed to help you at any stage of your decision making and beyond.  Let's get started!