Weekly Reflection
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An so goes the beating heart, is it yours that goes a lifetime? 
And yet, it is, so common form, it beats from dusk to dawn. 
Like every organ we celebrate, it is life, the theory goes. 
If we are to follow form, like organs then, we should live like kings of those.
And yet, our hearts that break per whim of sadly, lovers scorn,
We stop and cry to return the time of life is ever torn.  
So this I state, in favor me, of all the time I live,
You and me, and all of us, must remember of that to give,
Never another day shall stop to think of what is lost,
So goes the beating heart that breaks but never stops,
Our eyes that see forever more, that dim as time shall pass,
Our bodies are our faithful more and purpose may be the task,
This too shall be the template then of how we forgive our sin,
Learn from science by cloak of day and night is clear again,
Never stop to wonder then when you shall stop to die,
And live forever a beating heart the path forever life.

Author Unknown 

This poem is a favorite because it represents the most basic of all human life.  Regardless of any faith, spirituality or belief system for which you subscribe, your own body is the greatest example of how you should live your life.  It represents a parallel between a scientific explanation of what we need to live and a philosophical representation of what we must do to live.   Despite illness or injury, your heart must beat in order to stay alive. If it fails, it must be restarted immediately if you are to survive.  

To live a healthy long life, every organ in your body functions.  If there are such illnesses or injuries that impair one part of us, our other organs must continue to function.  Setbacks, troubles and heartbreak are no different.  We must not allow anything to hold the function of any part of our lives in order to live the most productive, successful and happy life possible. 

When something gets you down, get back up immediately and survive like your life depended on it.  Your heart doesn't overthink it, because it can't.  It just knows it needs to beat in order to sustain life.  Don't let your mind and feelings get in the way because they can.  Don't overthink, dwell and ruminate in your pain and misery.   The longer you're down, the more damage to your life and all that is affected by it.  Yes, you must heal, but healing has many stages that only begin with downtime.  Recognize your strengths to compensate for your losses and areas of weakness.  

This is your life, it's meant to be lived.  Your body knows it, your heart knows it and now you should live it.   DMK Editorial