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Your marriage is over, life goes on

Very Good.  You did it!  Like the article "The End" suggested,  your marriage is over.  But, your life is not.  The next part of your life may not be top-of-mind yet, but it will be.  It's time to take the next step out the door of "break-up" blues and into "what's next?"

We know you're ready. 

Just like you knew there was something more to "The End", you clicked through to life after divorce.  "Start Here" and let DMK be your guide.

It's true.  Not everyone get's here; the best place to recover and reenergize after divorce.  Many never take the time to process the pain from their marriage in order to get through all of the Stages of Divorce.   Perhaps that is why the divorce rate in the United States for second marriages is over 67% and 73% for third marriages. 

How can you start something new without getting over the past.  In doing so, you are better prepared for new love, new opportunities and newfound happiness.  

Why don't we get over the past?

Many of us fail to get over our divorce because we see only two options when we feel so bad.  Some of us overthink our past and remain angry, bitter and upset.  Then we wonder why future relationships are like our past ones. 

Others ignore their current problems that resulted from their past and are surprised when future relationships are like their past ones. 

Either way, the problem many of us face is usually a lot less about our past relationships and more about ourselves.  Your divorce is a perfect opportunity to find the real "YOU" after "US".  It's not always easy, but we can help.

How to find the real "YOU"?

You don't need us to tell you how to be "YOU".  But, while we dedicate a great deal towards preparing our readers for divorce or helping them improve their marriage, the majority of DMK is about our reader's successful rebirth following divorce.  An awakening of sorts that includes improvements in Wellness, Family, Faith & Religion, Single Life, Community, Dating, Money, Career, Education, House & Home -

Our site is focused on these aspects of your new life because divorce is about a better future, beyond your past and unhappy marriage. 

Use the links to these sections of our site to get articles, tips and ideas.  It's time to get over "The End" so that you can find true happiness!  

Good Luck!

DMK Editorial Staff