About DMK

What Now?

Has divorce started to creep into your mind and heart?  Or have you been a divorcee for years, still affected and held back from the heart break, anger and feelings of loss and resentment?  If so, then you have located a top notch site to resolve one journey and get you started on a new one!

Divorce or Not to Divorce?

Divorce is a life changing decision that will affect your life forever. Rest assured our site covers more than the decision after it is made.  Rather we offer guidance, resources and a community of divorce and marital strife survivors who can help you get through this difficult time. can be a guiding light that will provide a source of on-going inspiration should you choose to mend your current relationship, take some time away from it or end it in hopes of a better tomorrow!  

A Divorce Briefly Defined...

A dissolution of marriage.  Simple right?  Well for some, maybe.  But, if you are here and like most people in the midst of a "dissolution", the whole thing is anything, but simple.  Why? 

Well one reason is that divorce is a finality, an admitted error in judgement of the heart and mind.  Most often it hits us hard in the pocketbook and turns life and its contents upside down. 

It affects ourselves, our family and friends.  All the while, we are expected to go on with life as usual.  At first it may seem like the obvious solution, but as time wears on, we may have some difficult times, making us doubt ourselves and feel defeated. 

Rest assured, most of us recover in a reasonable amount of time.  The world will not end and your life will improve.  How long it takes depends on many factors that together with friends, family and our site will get you moving in the right direction!