It's not easy to develop a start-up about breakups.  But, it didn't take long for our little blog to blossom into America's leading resource for those affected by divorce and/or marital strife.  Why?  Because, we recognized the need to provide more than just information about these issues, but information relevant to those who are affected by these issues.

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In addition to providing information on improving your marriage, what to expect when divorcing and how to recover after divorce, in 2019, we added new sections about home and family, dating, single life, faith, career and more. 

No other online resource provides such relevant information to help readers recharge their life while improving or ending their marriage.  It's a site meant to focus on a journey away from their problems, towards a new positive beginning.  

We'll leave professional advice for professionals

While we offer expert advertorials and a robust directory, we're not experts.  We're people just like you and our community is made up of bloggers, writers and friends who have experience in issues that affect our readers.  We encourage our readers to share their marriage and divorce stories with our community also!

While some of us get through relationship problems or divorce quickly, we knew that for many, the journey is long and at times, it's easy to get lost.  We hope our site is a beacon of hope for our readers, in all issues that affect them, during this difficult time. 

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If you 're ready to join a community that inspires and informs, you've come to the right place!  We hope to help you find the right way, right time and perhaps the right person to keep you moving forward towards a better future.

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