About DMK

Our mission is to provide helpful articles, resources and stories meant to be a primary source for our readers at any stage of divorce or reconciliation.  Divorce Me Knot, also known as DMK, is committed to a diverse community of readers and bloggers.  We strive to provide robust, continuously updated content with our readers in mind.

Should you stay or should you go?

Marital strife and/or divorce are difficult stages for any couple and yet nearly half of all married couples in the United States go through divorce.  Even more couples have considered it at one point during their marriage.  We hope to provide the most comprehensive source of information that will help every couple make an informed decision to either reconcile or end their marriage to achieve a positive outcome for each spouse.

Our logo

Our logo represents the infinity symbol which has many interpretations with one primary theme: a unity with neither a beginning or end.  Many regard this symbol as a symbol of unending love.  DMK agrees the symbol and it’s many interpretations includes unending love.  We further suggest unity and love begin with the individual.  In order to have a lasting relationship with another, one must first unite aspects of the individual such as strength, spirit and faith in order to achieve love for oneself.  While marriage implies a beginning and divorce an end, we regard our logo as a primary symbol of infinite balance of the individual through the many beginnings and endings throughout one's lifetime.

We hope to help each reader develop strength and determination to get through difficult challenges, such as divorce, one may encounter in his/her lifetime.  Furthering our belief that following an unhappy marriage, divorce not be considered an end, rather the beginning of the individual's infinite pursuit of love and happiness.  And in that pursuit we believe a rebirth inevitable that supports his/her purpose, life and love.

We don’t endorse any one religion or faith despite the symbolism our logo and the infinity symbol may share.  Rather we believe in the importance that each individual subscribe to his/her faith and religion that most provides him/her the foundation and belief system to promote healing and strength.   The diverse beliefs, religions and faiths are the fabric of our DMK Community that provide the most insightful source and platform for our readers' and bloggers' personal development.