DMK Solutions   The greatest power of a successful problem solver is to know the difference between the problems you have control to solve and those you don't.  

While nobody expects your new happy life to start right away, the truth is that the time you spend grieving, hurting, blaming and laying around is literally only hurting you.  The longer you stay "on hold" before starting over, the more time your loss is taking from you.

Can life get any more disorganize?  Pro'ly not.  foot-in-mouth  The reasons may seem obvious, but the solutions are less than simple.

Love is fun, sexy & wild!  We all love to fall in love.  It encourages us, improves our self-esteem and makes every single thing in our life better.  Rarely do we take our love blinders off long enough to think, "what if". 

Wanna feel worse?  Look at old pictures of your happy family or your wedding album.  Watch a romantic movie and listen to sad love songs.  

Why do many of us gravitate towards our past and things we lack during times of grief, such as divorce?