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Accepting your divorce, the settlement and your new life 

It's common for one spouse to rebound quicker, with significantly less emotional tie-downs, following divorce.  Often this may be the spouse who was awarded a better settlement/judgement and/or was the one who initiated the divorce.

Divorce brings out some weird emotions in us.  We feel sad, angry, disappointed.  It's a loss that many of us can't help but associate with failure.  Could we have been a better spouse or person?  Could we have tried harder, listened more, talked through our problems?

Coping with an unfair settlement

Many experience post-divorce settlement shock.  The shock may settle in before or after your divorce is final.  Your emotions change drastically from pre-separation to signing the final agreement (AKA Divorce Decree).

Are you experiencing conflicting feelings for your ex despite his obvious demonstration that he's over the good and bad of you and your marriage?  Are you sometimes angry and resentful, other times jealous, missing him or unsure if you may still love him?