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Divorce isn’t easy on our health, well-being or finances.  It's common to feel unable to get past some stages of divorce in order to move forward in life.  Often, we get stuck when we ruminate in our frustrations instead of living a positive and active lifestyle.  Many of us just get by on the bare minimum required to work, sleep and play.  

The problem is that when going through difficult times in our life, we may need to operate on these bare minimums. 

At first, it's boring and depressing, but as time goes on, we become so comfortable with our daily plan to live on rocky road ice cream, Hulu®, our warm snuggly pajama bottoms and oversized t-shirts; we end-up sinking deeper into the great divorce abyss.  

This dark, lonely pace is where the air gets thinner by the day and the oversized t-shirts start to fit.  And as a former abyss resident, whatever you do, don't buy the next size up!

Younger, better, more...

The key to feeling younger, looking better and earning more is to change or correct things in your life that affect all three first.  Then progress simultaneously on each issue with cohesive choices that positively affect the others.

Otherwise, short-term success in any one thing in your life may cause you to lose even more traction on the others.  Also, there's a greater efficiency and success in applying changes to your life that affect multiple issues such as health, happiness, finances and appearance.   It involves scientific, holistic and alternative forms of problem solving related to the "whole person".  

This means your overall presence of self should be the most important aspect of the life and person you seek.  Your "whole person" should always be top-of-mind when applying fixes to any part of your physical, financial and emotional well-being.

Whole person improvement 

"Improving your social skills is an example of how fixing one part of your life naturally repairs others."

If you socialize on a regular basis, you will obviously improve your social skills.  It also positively affects your health, career and finances.  Spending time with others who share similar backgrounds and interests not only makes you happier but provides opportunities to improve your networking skills and professional connections.

e.g., You may discover a friend works for a well-regarded firm and is currently seeking someone with your credentials.  Getting that new job may mean more money and get you on your way to improving your financial situation.

Sharing stories, daily happenings, trends and tips with friends and colleagues gives you inspiration to try new things, improve your health and appearance.  Changes are good, but keep your "whole person" as your priority so that your social life doesn't envelop your career or your career your health, etc.

How to feel younger

Can you really take years off your age?

Yes.  Most of us live a lifestyle that causes our body to age faster. They include:

These all have a strong potential to cause premature aging.  Once we acknowledge what things we're doing that age us prematurely, we will be able to take back those years we were losing based on current lifestyle choices. 

Get going, get learning, get active

We should do the things we've always wanted to do:  learn to play the guitar, speak a foreign language or improve our career.  Adding new achievable challenges in our life keeps life fun.  It motivates us to walk a little faster, think a little clearer and find solutions more easily. 

Once we devalue the experience of learning and improving, our life slows down and aging of our mind and body seem to increase more rapidly.  If you ever walked out of the grocery store and forgot where you parked, you know what this means.  Keep your memory sharp by keeping your mind and body active!

Becoming more health conscious is addictive.  Eventually, you may be able to do more than reverse your premature aging, but look, feel and improve your health and wellness so that you live a longer, better quality of life than your peers.

How to feel better

Time to get a little self-centered

It isn't uncommon for those of us who have been through some really rough times to get a little preoccupied with our problems.  Well, it's time to employ some positive strategies to naturally rid your life of these problems to help you feel better.  

Like, duh!

It may be a shock to know that having your problems front and center every day is not the way to find personal happiness.  Nor will it improve your overall objective of improving your whole self.

To feel better you need to add a lot of actionable improvements to your life.  This means you can't just know that eating better helps you, nor will planning a new diet help.  You MUST actually do it. 

Spend less time planning and more time doing the things you know will help you.  Your plan should be brief and broad spectrum.  It should encompass improvements that increase self-esteem, skills, well-being and potential, since these are all problem killers.  They affect multiple layers of life challenges and reduce the need for individual attention to problems that can cause you to feel overwhelmed, depressed and hopeless.

It's actually a really simple way to feel better.  Get self-centered.  Believe in yourself and problems go away.  It gives you the confidence to achieve your goals, expect results and accept personal happiness over personal dissatisfaction or criticism. 

Liberate yourself from worry and approve the life you want, your way.  Critics be warned.

How to earn more

Think like a professional and you'll be one

If you have a job, but not a career, you're not maximizing your potential.  Regardless of if you're a part-time crafter or run a multi-million-dollar mega-shop, if you want to enjoy the thousands of hours in your lifetime spent earning an income and earn the most possible, you should be career minded. 

Consider your goals for the next 3-years, then 10-years.  If what you currently do is maxed out on potential, you need to look for new challenging opportunities that provide the potential for you to attain your goals.

Life changes and without a career you will find yourself lost and with no direction.  You will always feel your pay is substandard and time spent at work is unfulfilling.  This puts a drain on your emotional and health resources since it damages your self-esteem, fails to provide enough financially, doesn't provide ongoing improvements in skills or overall well-being.  It actually does the opposite effect of improving your whole person.

Seek a career in areas that interest you, as well as those that would utilize your strengths.  Consider all past experience that includes customer service or sales skills, business methods or analytical skills. 

What do you want to learn more about?  There are many new careers coming on the scene at colleges and universities, but don't just choose one that makes great money.  The career should always have each of these three qualifications:

  1. Pick a career you would like based on your interests, skills, experience and educational requirements
  2. Choose a career that would provide a promising future based on industry and demand
  3. Select a career that would meet your financial goals (research current median pay levels)

If you decide to change your employment but forgo college, don't quit your current job until you have a new career in place with sufficient income and more potential for growth.


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