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Featuring a new cocktail, its recipe and a brief history of the popular drink!

November 21, 2019 featured cocktail...


Pour ice water in tall serving glass and prepare ingredients in shaker. Shake ingredients (except soda) with ice, pour ice water out of serving glass before adding shaken ingredients.  Splash with soda or 7UP.  Garnish with lemon toothpick and/or umbrella and straw.


Keep the above recipe but substitute 7UP (25%) and cola(75%), gingerale or iced tea with a couple drops of non-alcoholic bitters in place of light rum. Stir or lightly shake ingredients with ice, pour in chilled glass then top with 7UP and garnish.


There are thought to be two origins that may both be accurate.  The original comes from the 1920's during Prohibition in Tennessee by "Old Man Bishop" whose son perfected the mixed drink.  It was made with whiskey, maple syrup and different amounts of five liquors.  

The other claim is by Robert "Rosebud" Butt who is said to have invented the Long Island Iced Tea for a contest for a new mixed drink with triple sec in Long Island, New York in 1972.  This drink is the closest version of the modern cocktail that includes cola, sweet and sour and five equal portions of liquors. 

It's clear the original version was also a possible beginning of the same drink.  Interestingly, neither actually contain any tea.

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As always drink responsibly or try the non-alcoholic versions!

The best times in life aren't spent worrying over the past. The best times are spent living in the moment. Life is about those great times with friends and family. It's those days we spend making great memories that we cherish for a lifetime. So, get out there and enjoy the season! Just don't overdo it. Make or order this featured cocktail with or without alcohol as a perfect accent to a holiday event or a night out on the town with some family or friends!



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