Do you miss going out with your ex on date nights?  Or, perhaps you are divorced because you and your former spouse forgot to keep fun and excitement in your relationship? 

Regardless the answers, it's time for all you singletons who have been streaming way too many shows and spending most weekends curled up with your favorite Snuggie® to get up and go out!. 

Heck.  Streaming my favorite shows is still top on my list, but there's a real world outside of our fantasy one and it. is. Fun!!!tongue-out  So let's go!

DMK put together some great ideas from laid back evenings with colleagues to partying it up with friends!

Hot tips for nights on the town


Meetup® is great to meet people in local groups with similar interests as you.  It’s easy to join and the groups usually meet regularly.

2. Live music 

Check out for a listing of live events and shows in your city.  

3. Movies

Still a great activity that you can do with friends, dates or family.  Try and earn points towards rewards on future ticket purchases.

4. Bowling

Food, beer and skill.  Need we say more?  

5. Dance Lessons

Until you learn to dance, you’ll never learn to tango.  Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Belly dancing await!   It’s a great place to meet new people and learn about local dance parties or events.  

6. Rhythm and Blues Bar

You don’t need to know anything about rhythm & blues to enjoy a night out at a showcase or jam session.  Blues bands, local musicians, good food and spirits will make your night memorable.  

7. Sporting Event

Your city’s team, friends, food and beer make this a fan favorite.  Consider some local college teams and events too, if you’re trying to keep costs down.  Checkout for ticket information.

8. Comedy Clubs

Local and national stand-up comedy bars can cut up a boring night with plenty of entertainment, food and spirits.  Checkout for a directory of local comedy clubs.

9. Free Outdoor Concerts and Movies

Many cities and municipalities have free concerts and movies in the park during the summer months. Bring a date, a blanket, wine and cheese and make it a romantic evening under the stars.

10. Piano Bar

Dueling, jazz and karaoke piano bars all provide great live music and an enjoyable night on the town.

11. Casino

Most casinos have top entertainment, great food and gambling, gambling, gambling.  They are your best bet for night life twenty-four hours a day.  

12. Martini or Wine Bar

Enjoy the many varieties of wine or martini’s.  The atmosphere of either is usually swanky and sophisticated.  They make a great place for a first date.

13. Happy Hours

Take advantage of different happy hours around town.  It gives you a chance to try foods and atmospheres at different hot spots you never thought to go.  It never gets old getting a great deal on food and drinks.

14. Dance Clubs

Get out there and just dance.  It’s fun and good for your mind, body and spirit.  Rock your moves on the dance floor and do it your way.  Don’t worry about what the wallflowers are thinking.  If your at a place where there is a dance floor, they want people to dance!  So dance the night away!

15. Arts and Culture

Theatre, symphony, U.S. Museums are all wonderful places for an evening out. Take in all the best of Broadway shows, classical music, history and art with a friend, colleague or date.

16. Nication

Use to book a super great deal on a room or suite at a local hotel for the night (nication) or entire weekend (staycation)!  Make sure the place has a pool, hot tub, bar restaurant, maybe a lounge/spa/sauna/gym/room service!  Hotwire offers those extra, last minute rooms the hotels would rather sell cheap than leave empty, for super hot rates!  You won't know the exact hotel, only amenities, reviews/star ratings and general location.  Party, relax, workout your stress or all three!


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