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It's not easy getting through a breakup without at least one true girlfriend by your side.  Girls!  We have to vent!  Guys are different.  They deal with things their way.  But us girls, we need to have our wine and chats.  And by wine, I mean 'grigio or 'noir and by chats I mean tears, fears and total breakdowns.  We need to laugh, listen, rant and occasionally gossip.

Yes ladies, it's all there and we need it.  We can't "girlfriend" with our husbands, so no loss after a divorce.  We can't "girlfriend" with our kids, so stick with being a mom, not a friend.  And, we should never, never "girlfriend" with a new guy 'cause he will never be there for us like we can be there for each other.  

There is no other like a good friend. 

She understands you.  Even when she might not completely agree, she does when you need her to the most.  She listens and tells you the truth when you ask her what she thinks of something before you buy it.   She always tells you how beautiful you are no matter what you are wearing, because she knows what makes you beautiful is not what you are wearing, but who you are inside.

Friendship is more forgiving then our favorite pumps.  We forgive each other when we mess-up and say the wrong thing that hurts the other's feelings.  And we always want to be the first to say we're sorry 'cause our friendship is more important than any guy, job or misunderstanding.  But, if we don't always apologize first, we know it's because we feel vulnerable rather than unapologetic.

A girlfriend will be there before, during and after the greatest and worst things in your life.  She will understand you as a friend, mother, daughter and leader. Our lives will include her a great deal when we are younger.  But, as our life takes off in many directions, at times, we lose her. 

It will seem our friendship will have completely faded.  But, the great thing about having a good friend is that all it takes is a quick phone call or text to let her know how much her friendship means, how much you miss her and just how much you need her.  Trust me.  She will always feel the same.

So, if it's been awhile since you chatted, call a girlfriend, buy some Pinot (box or bottle) and put the world on auto-pilot.  Trust me, "life" will be there when you get back.  It will just seem a lot less annoying!


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