..don't go cold turkey on the bigger picture!

Oh! The holidays.  They can be a most joyous, wonderous time of the year.  They give us a chance to give thanks, honor our beliefs and partake in bountiful feasts, & celebrations. 

It's that time of year again.  Holidays are fast approaching.  You have a lot going on that may cause them to seem more like obligations rather than something you really want to celebrate.

It’s possible that one of the reasons some of us are divorced is because we never took much time to just go out.  Get out for the night and do the stuff we don’t do anymore.  It’s not just good for a couple.  It’s helpful for all you singletons who have been binge watching way too much tv. You know who you are!

Looking for a new you?  Maybe you just need a "renewed" you.  Try a little shopping therapy to wake up your inner diva.  But, don't break the bank.  We have a better idea!  Make room in your closet first by selling your gently used items.  Then save on the brands and apparel you really want for a lot less money!

Why has there been such a robust increase of coffeehouses around the country in the last twenty years?  Did we just realize the affects of caffeine or did the coffee just get better? 

We decorate our homes and offices with natural elements and earth tone colors.  Such decor provides us a sense of peace and productivity that inspires, relaxes and recharges.  It's a natural sense of energy.

Often we do things that make us happy without any thought as to what it is that makes us actually feel better. We don’t analyze it because it seems like a real buzz kill to look too deeply into the specifics of just having fun.