Should you downgrade Valentine's Day while going through a divorce?

Well...yes.  During or following a divorce, Valentines Day can be a holiday that can make you pretty sad.  It's fine to participate with your family and friends with sweet treats, cards and the like.  But, don't let the day stress you out over lost love and shortage of a lover's attention.  Need help?  We have ideas to keep this dreadful day off your mind...

It's never easy to decide if you and your spouse should separate.  But, every year thousands of couples choose to separate to save their marriage, determine if their marriage can be saved or prepare for divorce. 

Divorce is quite a ride. It can take you and everyone in your life way off course if you let it. One of the easiest ways this can happen is when others try to control decisions regarding your divorce because it impacts their life. In order to minimalize the damage and destruction to your life, you’ll need to take back control and demonstrate your ability to manage your life, family and divorce independent of their opinions.