Home Living Special Section

Welcome to the Home Living Special Section on Modern Housing & Design.   Contemporary architecture, style and décor can make any home a modern marvel. This special section features eight fantastic home ideas you can use to incorporate into your own home or style a new one.


1. Seeking a new modern home 

Image by Pixabay/Victor_Birkus

Modern housing can take on numerous exterior styles and finishes to fit the aesthetics of the neighboring homes and area.  It generally has a contemporary style that incorporates modern materials and elements.  This often includes a low-pitched gable or flat roof.  The windows and doors are typically abundant and relative to the layout and modern elevation of the home.

2. Less is more

Image by Pixabay/Muntzir_Mehdi

Contemporary styles are just as impressive with less square footage when incorporating oversized elements such as windows, doors, stairs and walkways.  Simple clean lines and modern materials give the appearance of a grand luxurious atmosphere while the compact nature of the home maintains a subtle warmth of the overall living space.  Shrubs and trees fill-in the outdoor space and further add privacy where needed.

3. Modern built-ins

Image by Pixabay/Newhouse

Modern housing means modern finishes with stylish focal points and useful built-ins.  Add classic bookshelves in unique locations to maximize wall space.  This reduces excess furnishings that diminishes the open floorplan.  Mirror backed walls, faux textured wall panels and matching credenza customize this space while maximizing the use and square footage of the room.