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Planning a kitchen remodel in 2020?  You need to know the trends to make your beautiful new kitchen as great an investment as it is functional!  We can help.

Regardless if your remodel is a complete tear out or a newly restyled renovation, we have the hottest trends in appliances, cabinets, counters, backsplash, hardware and finishes.  Knowing the style that will make your investment a success will provide you a head start when speaking with the professionals who will help you plan and complete your new kitchen.

1. MOD Kitchen

          Images by Pixabay/Connoman         

Modern kitchens are top on the list with sleek cabinet styles and unique faux wood finishes.  Keep the floor plan free flowing with bright countertops and flooring.   Use unique insets designed by your contractor for decorative shelves or glass storage.  Add décor and wall art to incorporate bold color and your individual taste.  Finish it off with mod seating for a functional use of space.    

 2.  Two-Tone  

Image by Pixabay/Stocksnap

Bright white cabinetry still gains favor with a pop of color on the glass tile backsplash and island.  The added color accents the bright finish with bold choices like teal, red, orange or blue.  Further your use of multiple materials with a butcher block countertop for the island.  Keep it budget friendly with matte finish Formica® counters for the rest of the kitchen surround.  Select windows and cabinet doors with similar styles to maintain a symmetrical look on each wall.   Choose shelving in place of some cabinetry for glass storage or décor.  Incorporate frosted glass doors instead of wood cabinet doors or glass pane accents in place of full glass for a clean look.    

3. Natural Elements

Images by Pixabay/La-Belle-Galerie  

Incorporate earth tones and natural stone in bright areas of the kitchen and hearth room in order to add warmth and depth.  This new trend can enhance your space whether it is used on an accent wall, tall backsplash or waterfall edges.  Natural stone is also fabricated for drawer fronts and hood vent covers.  It coordinates with natural stone countertops and flooring like granite, soapstone, slate, marble and quartz.

4.  Family Island

Image by Pixabay/ShadowFireArts

If you're going to plan a kitchen, plan a kitchen with your entire family in mind.  This means the island should include functional seating for the entire family when possible.  Add flare with custom millwork that coordinates with the other kitchen moldings on the walls and ceilings.  Warm the room with custom seating that's comfortable, durable and properly fitted for adequate leg room.  Marble, granite or slate counters can bring the "luxury" to your luxurious kitchen.

5. Small Spaces

Images by Pixabay/Frankfeng

If adding additional space to your home is not in your budget, you need to design a kitchen that makes the best use of your current square footage.  With unique designs and careful planning, your new kitchen will have all of the amenities of an eat-in kitchen with plenty of open floorspace needed for meal preparation.  Built-ins, cabinet pantries and compact appliances can provide more cabinet space and areas to conceal storage.  Sleek, push to release cabinets are hotter than ever with concealed hinges and easy to clean surface finishes.

6. Kitchen Lighting 

Image by Pixabay/Kannanpoonan

As with any room, lighting is an essential part of the functionality and design.  Kitchen lighting specifically since according to a survey on the kitchen is the most popular room in the house.  It's primary usage is for food preparation which is the most time consuming family chore.  Effective lighting should be useful for reading recipes, instructions, preparing and consuming meals.  It should also providing adequate lighting of any color that accents the décor of the kitchen to include: under or inside cabinets - under island - along baseboard surround.  The ceiling should incorporate: recessed, track, canned or fixture lighting. 

7. Budget Kitchens

Images by Pixabay/Pix1861

Keeping your kitchen remodel budget friendly is easy when you keep some of the original elements from your current kitchen.  Reface cabinet fronts with two-tone doors, then add new hardware.  Use bold colors to modernize the overall style of the kitchen.  Save a bundle on replacing counters and backsplash with butcher block or stone style, thin layered laminate countertops.  Add clever storage, shelving and organization systems to keep the counters clutter free.  Further your savings and with easy to clean, vinyl faux wood finish flooring.  Stainless bar and handle pulls remain on trend for affordable kitchen cabinet hardware this year.

8. Tech Savvy Appliances

Images by Pixabay/GustavoGodoi

Tech savvy appliances will provide a modernization to your kitchen and improve the overall functionality of appliance usage.  Refrigerators can keep an inventory of items and let you know when they expire or if you are out of specific items (you just scan the receipt when you load up new groceries), wireless connection on display screens can provide a way to order your groceries right from the fridge, multiple temperature options are available for items that require optimal temperature settings for guaranteed freshness.


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