Socrates was perhaps one of the greatest philosophers of all time and is credited as one of the founders of Western Philosophy.  His thoughts and teachings on the matters of virtue and education represented his belief in the greater good. 

Increased healthcare spending provides consistent job opportunities in the industry.  Spending has continued to grow despite a fluctuating economy.   High demands for healthcare workers continue to produce increased labor shortages and high paying jobs in the healthcare industry. 

If you have considered going back to school then you have come to a crossroads and found that something may be incomplete.  Perhaps you have considered school a few times but never made that big leap back into the classroom.   There is a lot to consider when deciding if this journey will be one that will be beneficial in your life. 

If your current job is just "a job" and opportunities for advancement are unlikely, then it may be time to consider alternatives that can turn your nine-to-five into a career.  One of the best options may be a certificate program.

Instead of dedicating 4 years to obtain a degree requiring large student loans, most certificate programs can be completed in 24 months or less.