It's not easy to locate assistance caring for your family and home.  It helps to have online resources with advice, trusted caregivers, Realtors® and home helpers. 

Are you considering selling your home or do you and/or your spouse just need help finding help packing and moving?  Let us help! 

Maybe not.  Many spouses find out late in the game that they may not get an equal share of their jointly owned property which usually includes their house.  Why?  The two biggest reasons include the following:  it didn't belong to both spouses and half is not always fair.

If you've been a homeowner for several years and out of the market or are a first time homebuyer it may help you to know the steps to purchasing a home in today's market. 

It's safe to say that most of us hate to move.  Perhaps moving into our first home is exciting or our empty nest move filled with anticipation.  But, moving after a divorce is usually not so great.  It's hard to be happy about splitting all of our large assets and personal property.  Planning the move that follow's is like a constant reminder we have less.  Less money, property and time.

Isn't it positively frustrating to move?  Worse yet is to fit all your stuff into a smaller than comfortable space.  Suddenly the furniture you have is too big, the closets too small and the kitchen is something they call a galley, which is never spacious btw. 

We put together a survival plan for moving into a small place.  It has helpful tips about conserving space, downsizing household items and making it your own.

Planning a kitchen remodel in 2020?  You need to know the trends to make your beautiful new kitchen as great an investment as it is functional!  We can help.

Remodeling the lower-level of your home can provide a wonderful new place to enjoy time with your family and destress from divorce.  This can be your new haven to relax, entertain or work.