2023 DMK Weekly Reflection

Simple reflection.

If you had 10 healthy and strong years left to live, what would you change about your life?  If you had 3 years left, what then would you do differently?  1 year?  Would you find the love of your life, start a business, get healthier?   Would these changes help you and make your future better?  Will they be easier to do when you're older?

Like a school assignment we wait to complete until the very end, so many of us put off what can be done today until tomorrow.  Only tomorrow is forever a day away.  We have our eyes set on "someday" only to have tomorrow come out of nowhere as the regrets of "yesterday". 

"If only I worked harder yesterday I wouldn't struggle today.  If only I looked for love yesterday, I wouldn't be alone now.  If only I took better care of myself, I wouldn't suffer from poor health."

Are your dreams, aspirations and goals worth it?

If not, keep dreaming until you find your inspiration. What we aspired to be, do and achieve tomorrow can often inspire us today.   However, too often we let these inspirations satisfy us without real actions.  Perhaps many of us never really intend on achieving our dreams.  We will never climb that mountain, seek higher education, invent, build, design or improve...but we want to.  Maybe for some of us it's the first step we can't take or for others it's the inability to stick with it.  Maybe the dream seems too much like a dream and not a real possibility.  Maybe the sacrifice that's needed to attain our goals doesn't seem worth it.  

No matter what the reasons we fail to achieve what we want, it's clear that the sooner we do it...when we are healthier, younger, able to take greater risks, the better. Think of your regrets of yesterday and the worst of them are the things you wished you had the courage, strength and wisdom to do when you had the chance.   

Here is your chance.  Find tomorrow before it finds you and you will avoid the regrets of yesterday - 


The past.  It's out there.  Does it help?  Sure it does.  Does it hurt.  Sure it does.  We all have painful memories that can get in our way.  Unfortunately, painful memories gather more of our attention when times are difficult then the good stuff.  It's just so darn easy to forget about the good stuff or give it the credit it deserves.  

We are like a sticky magnet that is really made up of mostly positive things.  Most of us have either good health, good looks, lots of faith - friends - family, but rarely realize those things because they become expected, relied upon.  When one thing goes downhill, like a divorce, job loss or ..balding foot-in-mouthwe start to doubt we have anything good going for us.  So, there we are, positive energy just latching on to all the negative and repelling all the positive...like it's a science or something!


Really though, truth be told, we all usually reach a point when we start to shed our negative energy.  Maybe it's then we start buying up all the positive.  When we get depressed, it's like something inside us doesn't know how to stop grabbing up the negative stuff and pretty soon we feel like the little "roly poly" guy on that Zoloft commercial, bloated and engorged with nothing but negative.  Our energy is so zapped we feel trapped by lethargy and sadness. How does a person get out of that?

People will tell you to just start seeing all of the positive in your life, but that's not always easy.  By the time depression sets in, you can't see yourself out of it by seeing anything positive.  That's because even the positive stuff looks grey and lifeless.  Your up to your eyeballs in depression and perspective is completely skewed.

At this time, you may need professional therapy or medication.  You can't expect results overnight.  It takes time to slowly shed all those grey clouds that were once outside your window, now part of every fabric of your being.  You have to take, one step at a time.  

Step one

Call a friend.  Get your mind off your sadness by being with someone you like.  Laugh, talk or just be with someone.

Step two

Get into a group therapy.  Sometimes it's easier to talk about your problems when you hear other people talk about theirs.  

Step three

Talk with a counselor who has experience in situations like your own.  He/she can provide guidance that will help get you out of these difficult times.

Step four

Talk with your family doctor or a psychiatrist.  Let your doctor know what's going on to determine if prescription medication would be beneficial or if he/she thinks there could be another underlying cause to how you are feeling.

Step five

Get outside, enjoy nature.  Walk, hike, ride or jog.  It can be a very effective way to improve mood.

Step six

Challenge yourself with an attainable but challenging goal.  Take a class, learn to dance, get a certification.  Make some observable improvements.

The only thing you shouldn't do is nothing.  Ya.  Sure.  You may not be a bundle of energy, but don't let your negative stuff hold you down, keep you back or stop you from what you really want.  This is your life.  Live it like you care.  If you don't, nobody else will care about it either.  

When you start to feel the drag on your positive human spirit, your faith or your life, fight back.  Shed the negative stuff that doesn't motivate you and take in some positive energy.  You can do this!  Believe it and then prove it by being happy no matter what life throws at you.



An so goes the beating heart, is it yours that goes a lifetime? 
And yet, it is, so common form, it beats from dusk to dawn. 
Like every organ we celebrate, it is life, the theory goes. 
If we are to follow form, like organs then, we should live like kings of those.

Stop overthinking 

Did you ever notice most of our thoughts gravitate towards the negative stuff? 

What does it take to survive loss and grief?

When I was a child, I watched a popular show about a little prairie girl, who grew up to be a mother, teacher and author. Her name was Laura Ingalls Wilder and the show was "Little House on the Prairie".