Top things people consider when shopping for an attorney 

Choosing an attorney to represent you in a divorce is a very important decision.  It helps to know what people consider about an attorney before they hire someone to represent them.  Based on a survey done by "New Study: How People Hire Lawyers in 2017", the average legal consumer has many considerations. They range from experience and legal fees to pictures of the attorney and his/her social media activity.  Check out the entire list from the survey below.

Before you meet with a lawyer 

For a divorce:

It's best not to meet with an attorney immediately following bad news, an argument or disagreement.  It should be after you've taken some time to make sure the marriage can not be saved and a legal dissolution is eminent.   It's important to realize that while you take the road to divorce as a response to your marriage's end, the road itself is usually going to make your life harder before it get's better.

What to expect upon hiring your divorce attorney?

By now you have spoken with one or more attorneys regarding divorce.  It's time to hire the attorney that you have determined is best to handle your case.  Upon hiring your attorney, you will likely do the following:

Interviewing a potential attorney 

It's time to consult an attorney to get a broader legal view of your pending divorce.  But what should you know before you meet with your first attorney?

Making a personal connection with your attorney is very helpful in order to reduce potential problems and personality conflicts throughout your divorce case.   It's better for effective communication.  It makes it easier to discuss your expectations for a potential outcome.  An attorney with strong personal skills provides more efficient explanation and a clearer legal picture of your case based on state laws and individual circumstances.