Nearly every company-family has one or more black sheep.  These people generally don't represent the spirit of the organization's employee body.  However, make no mistake about it they may actually be company people but somehow just don't know how to play nice with others. 

Do you know one or more co-workers that go out of their way to make your life a living hell!?

...and how to know the difference

How do you know what advice to take and from whom?

Finding a new job is tough.  Finding a new career following a divorce is even harder.  DMK Career & Education makes it easier with articles, resources and tips designed for the recent divorcee.  You deserve more than a job.  You deserve a career!   Use our list of top sites and job boards to get started!

Do you wonder why the doors of success stay locked, despite your hard work and dedication?  If so, then read on for some simple solutions to career holdbacks.  

Question: Do you need a reason to work longer hours, invest more and make the impossible, possible?  

Many things change over the years, including friends, jobs and even spouses.   With many life-changing events, our career may not have always been a priority.