What's wrong with your resume?  Perhaps nothing, technically.  But it's a good possibility there isn't enough right about your resume either. 

Good employers usually have some things in common.  They have great leaders, a favorable public following, good compensation and benefits.  Employers with a stable history offer transparency in business practices and stand behind their offers for goods and services.  They usually have a strong market share and more positive customer feedback than negative.

According to www.collegetimes.com women make up 46% of the total U.S. labor force and last we checked we are still the only one of the two sexes that can grow an infant from a microscopic embryo into a 7-10 lb baby.  We can deliver it and feed it with career intact while our male counterparts are still wondering why we're taking over the world.  Duh!

A career that provides a sense of accomplishment, good compensation and overall job satisfaction can be the groundwork needed to rebuild your life when the rest of your world falls out from under you.  In addition to establishing financial support needed to live independent of your former spouse, it provides professional fulfillment and social interaction.

Looking for a new job can be stressful.   It helps to have assistance from professionals who can guide you based on the current local job market, your qualifications and type of position you seek.

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Network your way into a brand-new career with effective, individual and professional development strategies.  Seeking a new job should start with a plan that ensures the next job is as right for you, as you are for it.  Use what you already know to improve your career.  Discover your strengths and how to emphasize your qualifications in interviews and during networking events.  Use this quick guide to begin your search for your career with the right organization within your own community.