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What happens when the spouse who was more serious, focused or successful becomes the one who struggles following divorce? 

re • birth n.  "Another birth; renewed existence or revival; a person's choice to live a new life following a spiritual enlightenment; change in one's beliefs; resurgence."  

There are some things to look forward to once your divorce is final and if you're like most of us, being alone isn't one of them. 

Divorce has a really bad habit of bringing up the past, encouraging it's participants to lose sight of their well-being and keeping them in a purgatory without peace, sex or dating until the divorce is complete.  Sheesh! 

Divorce is a difficult journey many of us enter into before fully knowing how much we'll actually go through.  Perhaps for good reason, we take the opportunity to get out of a bad relationship as our best escape from the depths of a failing marriage, only to realize later that things get much more difficult before they get better.