February is famously known as the month of love.  Most of us celebrate love on Valentine's Day and have done so since we were young.  Bold, bright colors, sweets and fragrant flowers imply love is one sweet ride.  But, now we know that there are bumps in the road.  How do we buy into love once again?

After being married for awhile, you may suddenly arrive on the single scene really confused about the latest lingo in everyday conversation.  It's time to get caught up on all this verbiage meant to describe your new-hip-self and lifestyle.   You may never think of Netflix® and dating the same way again!

..continued from article, "What you do matters", Single Life Article, August, 2019

Bet you didn't change anything-  Are we right?  All grins by most of you.  The simple fact of the matter is that if you actually got up and changed something you are among the very few.

Divorce isn’t easy on our health, well being or finances.  It's common to feel unable to get past some stages of divorce in order to move forward in life.  Often, we get stuck when we ruminate in our frustrations instead of living a positive and active lifestyle.  Many of us just get by on the bare minimum required to work, sleep and play.  

..then change your life.

Have you ever done anything that made you feel so completely free that it didn't matter what others thought of you, how you looked or what it actually meant?  Have you ever just done something because it felt like the right thing to do, not because you were raised to think so or told you must?  

It's never easy changing your status to single from married.  Single.  It sounds simple, but it can feel complicated and weird.  Some of us just jump in, ready to fulfill what’s missing in our lives.  Some wait months or years to accept our new single lifestyle.

Seriously. Why wait another day, add another pound or lose anymore sleep? Really, it's time to wake up out the "single abyss" into a new and exciting world.

If you look back over the last year and wish life could be that good again, even though it wasn't that great to begin with, then a "life do-over" is approved. 

If looking back and you're glad things aren't as bad now as they were then, even though things right now aren't so great, then a "life do-over" is most definitely approved.

All other readers welcome...

As my marriage slowly imploded, I admit thinking that my life was supposed to be completely different.  I began analyzing more than my relationship with my, then husband, but also I evaluated my career, friends and future. 

It's nearly impossible to avoid the influence of others when making decisions or forming opinions .  We may not realize how our pop culture, mass media and peers affect us.  In fact, trying to make sense of the beliefs and conjecture from multiple sources may leave anyone feeling a little mixed-up.   How do you know which source is right when there exist multiple opinions and/or conflicting data about the same issues?