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Completely Free and Super Simple!

100% success rate in a proposed, controlled study of what could be like 100 people if we actually conducted a study that seriously would be a total waste of time and money because this plan obviously works.  Like duh!  Disclaimer: We aren't scientists, but we eat, so we're kinda' food experts! laughing 

Okay.  Here it is...


DMK Guaranteed Weight Loss Plan 

    Step 1.  Eat less. 

    Step 2.  Move more.

Obvious huh?

We thought so!  And yet, obvious solutions to problems like weight loss, mending a broken heart, attaining wealth or just about any challenge we face seem to elude most of us. 

Don't click away just yet

We said we had a life changing plan and we meant it.  Trust us, losing weight is only one part of what you seek. 

Keep reading if you want to understand why other plans have failed in the past and learn reasons why common obstacles in your life may seem hard to overcome. 

Simple is not necessarily easy

Somehow, if the answers to our problems come to us in some membership, trendy diet, package or book we omit obvious answers.  These answers in plain sight often require less money and time to initiate but seem too simple or transparent. 

Perhaps it's because the most self-evident solutions fail to initially provide us with satisfaction and motivation to get started.

It's a brain thing that anyone can understand, but few think about

Purchasing and starting new things can release endorphins and dopamine leading to a positive effect on mood, ambition, motivation and energy, all of which provide us an initial boost to get started moving in the right direction. 

The only problem is that once that boost wears off, usually in a few days to a few months after our investment, the problem quickly overshadows our thirst for self-improvement.

We totally deserve a reward before doing the hard work we probably aren't going to do anyway

These days many of us maintain an on-going self-fulfillment allowance.  This allowance is a reserve of expectations for immediate satisfaction in all things new, whereas their attainment is more readily achieved through hard-work, discipline and common sense. 

In other words, we recognize buying in as the reward rather than the long-term results attained through our actions.  

e.g., We want to lose weight, look better and feel great.  The obvious answer is simply to spend more energy than we consume.  The reward is a result of our hard-work and dedication.  It could be days, weeks or months before we recognize positive results from difficult changes in our lifestyle and choices. 

It requires a great deal of self-discipline to initiate and maintain such changes. 

Whether consciously or subliminally, instead of taking the obvious route like that of our example, many of us get drawn towards big claims, expensive products and complicated plans that satisfy our concerns immediately.  This leads to our faulty association between clever branding and solutions to our problems.

The next big your way 

You are not alone if you search multiple social media platforms, books, magazines and local grocery store for that next big thing.  Many of us buy expensive weight loss bars with the same amount of fat as the average candy bar, we click on any promise or guarantee for less weight, more money and lasting love.

It's easy to see why you along with many others were drawn to DMK's lure to this insightful diet intervention.  Our goal here today is not to trick you, rather to enlighten. 

However, those with actual products or plans to sell through similar calls to action are hopeful you will be fooled into buying that unbelievable, amazing something with claims it works for nearly everyone (knowing all-the-while most people will never call them out for it).

Expecting our solution upfront, like a paycheck before we do the work

If we take the first step by buying something to fix our problems, it seems like a win-win.  In doing so, we may unconsciously tap into our reserves needed to take that next step towards betterment.    

We may feel so great we may want to go to Whole Foods® and restock our fridge, then buy a new elliptical or sign-up for multiple yoga and aerobics classes.  We advance ourselves a reward for something we want to do without realizing how fast that reward is dissolved leaving our brain with a thirst for more stimulation rarely attained at the forefront of our actual journey.   

This produces a frame of mind that isn't ideal for initiating an on-going journey towards betterment.  Instead, we realize a deficit in our desire and inspiration to take the next step, less ready to tackle the beginning of difficult changes in our lives.   This may lead many of us to seek more quick fixes or amazing products or solutions. 

And so, the cycle continues.

What happens when you take the right steps towards self-improvement?

In the days and weeks that follow your initialization of a reasonable plan for change, your energy increases along with the levels of neurotransmitters in your brain based on healthy, positive changes. As this happens, you begin to feel better, stronger and more capable of tackling more challenges on your journey.

There is no sharp decline of motivation following big purchases or hope of an easy transformation for sexy branding.  There isn't buyer's remorse or a feeling that nothing works to improve your life.  

Instead, you will take 100% accountability for your body, happiness, recovery and future success. 

Utilizing a simple template for change (like the steps listed below), easily applied to nearly all self-improvement scenarios, you will empower yourself and open your mind to utilize the skills you already possess to chart your own course. 

You will only seek reputable resources, mentors and professionals, as needed, to keep you focused on your personal journey rather than be responsible to establish and maintain it.  You should be the one with the most to benefit from available help, rather than a part of their success in selling you on it!

Regardless of what challenge you face, the steps to your individual success are pretty basic,

  • Recognize a need for change, improvement and/or clarity
  • Determine areas of the issue that prove to be most significant 
  • Develop a simple plan with benchmarks to initialize actions in order to attain success
  • Make modifications to the plan, as needed
  • Add additional rewards upon achievements throughout the plan to supercharge your continued success
  • Setup blockades for common slips that can lead to lost ground towards positive changes

Now, if you're ready to get serious, stop clicking on Guaranteed Tricks to losing weight, finding love or attaining wealth!  Instead, use common sense, hard work and dedication to get what you want.  These keys to success have no guarantees, but they are your best chance for long-term personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Believe in yourself and your will to achieve a more enriched, healthier life and the goals you set for yourself will get easier every day!

Good Luck!


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