Healthcare continues to lead as a primary industry job seekers should target in 2023.  Based on factors related to growth, demand and economic conditions, the industry provides a robust opportunity at various skill levels.  Considering a career in healthcare provides job seekers good potential income and job security.

If your current job is just "a job" and opportunities for advancement are unlikely, then it may be time to consider alternatives that can turn your nine-to-five into a career.  One of the best options may be a certificate program.

Instead of dedicating 4 years to obtain a degree requiring large student loans, most certificate programs can be completed in 24 months or less. 

Many seek new career opportunities following divorce. It isn't uncommon for these new career paths to require a certification or degree.  Community colleges offer degree programs that, upon completion, provide graduates the qualifications necessary to attain better jobs than those without post-secondary education.  Many people choose these colleges over 4-year universities due to their affordability, location and programs designed for working adults. 

While we may all wish we could pay for our education out of pocket, most of us can't.  In fact, 85% of first-time, full-time, undergraduate students in academic years, 2015-16 were awarded financial aid at a 4 year degree granting, post-secondary institution, according to the National Center of Education Statistics

Online degrees have come a long way over the last 10 years. In addition to numerous online universities - most community colleges, state schools and private universities now offer online degree programs, online courses or blended learning.