Things are slowly getting back to normal. Pandemic restrictions are slowly being lifted, masks removed and vacations well on their way.

If the holidays typically affect your life, a divorce and pandemic will likely put you and yours into a seasonal tailspin.  In fact, if you're still in the process of legally or emotionally ending your marriage, this "holiday season" may feel more like a "divorce/pandemic season" with a bad case of the holidays. 

Parenting, COVID-19, divorce and "back to school" - could life get more stressful? 

Probably not.  It's like the divorce gods are playing a cruel joke on you, compounding divorce stress with raising school aged kids at the same time a global outbreak of a deadly virus impacts just about every facet of your lives! 

It's not easy to locate assistance caring for your family and home.  It helps to have online resources with advice, trusted caregivers, Realtors® and home helpers.