Divorce around the holidays is a double whammy.  They'll both leave you stressed, fat and broke.  At times you may find yourself balled up on the bathroom floor crying out and sobbing about hating divorce, having no money and wishing you looked better in the dress clothes you wore before you were married.  The only calming of the divorce-holiday psycho mess is when you think for a moment that maybe your ex-wife feels the same way. foot-in-mouth

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Dad tells teens their mom was unfaithful to him for three years when asked why they are divorcing

Things are slowly getting back to normal. Pandemic restrictions are slowly being lifted, masks removed and vacations well on their way.

If the holidays typically affect your life, a divorce and pandemic will likely put you and yours into a seasonal tailspin.  In fact, if you're still in the process of legally or emotionally ending your marriage, this "holiday season" may feel more like a "divorce/pandemic season" with a bad case of the holidays.