You get married, start a career, buy a home and then the most amazing thing happens.  You have children.  It’s like the official notice that says you're finally an adult, a parent, a leader of your family.  It's scary, but wonderful. 

Following a separation or divorce you and your family are in a proverbial daze.  The rift was painful and the wake can be overwhelming.  Your budget is tight, your schedule is difficult and the kids are all out of whack.

Effects of divorce on children Ages 6 thru 18

6 to 11 years

These children are old enough to understand the basic complexities of a marriage that's dysfunctional.  However, they have a stake in the family unit and fear the divorce will sever their attachment to each parent.

Effects of Divorce on Children Ages: Birth thru 6 years

Birth thru 18 months

Infants can sense emotional stress and tension. They may become more irritable, experience interrupted sleep and separation anxiety which may include difficult transitions between parents or parent to caregiver.