Ahh, the holidays!  What sweet, sweet dreams we have for the perfect season.  Then, we wake up and the nightmare begins.  It starts with one pound of cookies and a few hundred bucks in gift cards and before we know it we have 10 lbs of fat and thousands of dollars of debt when they're over.  Ugh!

As if there aren't enough regulations, legal terms and documents to understand when divorcing, we have yet another that may be worth learning if you or your spouse have one or more retirement accounts and are interested in getting divorced. 

One of the most heart wrenching aspects of divorce is that a couple must decide what happens to the family residence, the marital home. 

Not long ago I learned a life lesson when I took a chance on a high-risk investment and lost over $10,000.  In the scheme of what's important in life, I realized the monetary value of the potential gain was not as valuable as the loss.  Lesson learned, too late.  

However, my insight may help you avoid a new mistake or get over one you already made.