While the basics of planning your divorce are available in our His and Her Divorce Planners, we have ideas for stuff that may help you feel more positive and inspired while regaining your independence through divorce.   

From fun ideas to serious suggestions, the list is sure to provide several must-haves for anyone going through the big "D"!  Choose your "must-haves" from this "his and hers" list that are right for you and ditch the rest!

Should you and your spouse separate?  ..get divorced?  How do you know if it's the right thing do?  Do you know the basics regarding a divorce?    Are you prepared for the legal and emotional aspects of divorce and life changes afterward?  DMK Divorce Essentials can help!

You know something is really wrong in the world when toilet paper and hand sanitizer are on the list of marital assets!

One of the worst things that can happen when a marriage emotionally terminates is to think you can't financially afford a divorce.   It's no reason to stay unhappy, miserable...and married.  There are solutions, maybe unconventional by some standards, but easily adaptable to most.  We say, "Have a party!"