Dear Honey Wexler,

My wife and I separated several months ago following a brief encounter I had with someone at work.  We have discussed divorce, but neither of us have hired an attorney. I have been understanding that she needs time to deal with her anger over the situation but I feel like she isn't really doing anything to make serious changes that would benefit our relationship.  

When I try to talk to her about ending our separation so that our family can be together again she immediately get's upset and behaves irrationally.  I know what I did is wrong, but I feel that the way she deals with it is worse.  What can I do to get my wife to seek counseling in order to help her work this mess out with me instead of treating me like a terrible guy?


Dear Honey Wexler,

My ex-husband has a new girlfriend that is completely ridiculous.  I don't want her around my children.  She is nothing like me and my kids tell me she smokes and drinks.  I feel like he is doing this to get me upset.  No matter how much I try to talk to him about her, he just shuts me out.  I feel like she is a bad influence on my children.  How can I get him to be reasonable about bringing her around my kids?

Concerned Mom