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According to Magnify Money's 2017 Divorce and Debt Survey, 21% of respondents regarded financial problems as the cause of their divorce.  But, if couples who are suffering from marriage problems think that divorce is going to solve their problems, the survey quickly debunks their theory.

Taking advantage of a new low rate credit card and save big money over the next year!  Transfer your balances from high rate cards (some fees may apply) or make large purchases without the added high interest from typical credit cards.  Now, the only question is what card to choose?

The process of divorce is complicated and the laws regarding the division of assets are specific to each state.  While some states allow the division of assets like trusts (gifts or inheritance), most states do not.  


We didn't think about money while on our last vacation or cry about it when we attended our daughter's wedding.  We weren’t nervous at all about money when our kid was accepted into his first-choice school, which happened to be a private Zurich!

Why?  Because these are the reasons we saved our money and shouldn't be the times we’re thinking about having enough.   But, what about when things don't go as planned?

The divorce is final.  The settlement is completed, and you have your portion of the assets, property and debts.  Hopefully, you had good representation that provided you guidance regarding what to keep, sell, divide or surrender.  In many ways, the challenging part of the allocation is behind you. 


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As part of the 2023 DMK Budget Series, our editors put together a list of the best savings apps available for easier savings success! Select the savings app that is easy to use, suited to your goals and with features that apply to the saving's part of your budget. Many are free!

When life just sucks, it's so easy to just wanna turn autopilot on to get through the day.  When we feel this way we usually spend more, care less and eat like we never had our favorite ice cream before (which for most Americans is still vanilla).  Hmm... some things never change.


Budgeting apps to make your budget a success

As part of the 2023 DMK Budget Series, our editors put together a list popular apps available to make budgeting easy and successful.  Select an app that's easy to use, suited to your goals and with features that apply to your specific needs.  Many are free! 

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