We didn't think about money while on our last vacation or cry about it when we attended our daughter's wedding.  We weren’t nervous at all about money when our kid was accepted into his first-choice school, which happened to be a private university...in Zurich!

Why?  Because these are the reasons we saved our money and shouldn't be the times we’re thinking about having enough.   But, what about when things don't go as planned?

We are all different.  We may have different incomes, debts and goals.  But the fundamentals of saving more and spending less are pretty much the same for everyone.

Make your money grow 

There is an aphorism by Percy Bysshe Shelley that states, "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer".  This has been a common excuse for many of us and used in economic examples and political speeches for years. 

The term "rich" is subjective, basically a reference to anyone who has a higher worth or class than the lower and middle class.  It's an excuse for us poor folk.  But a good one.  But, not for the reason you may think.

The reason is often assumed to be as part of the saying itself.  It seems as if the reference to those with a higher net worth as "rich" indicates their wealth is the reason they continue to earn more of it. 

Instead, a good possibility these wealthy individuals continue to trend upward in net worth while the rest of us starve at the feat of financial mediocrity is likely based on financial decision making rather than financial means.

In other words, rich people know how to bank their cash and bank it in all the right places at all the right times.  Now it's our turn.

Let's bank

It's simple.  There are 3 choices.  Rich people only see two and usually focus on one.

  • Make more. Make enough to spend like you want and save towards your goals.
  • Spend less. Spend less than you earn to have enough to save and invest to meet financial goals.
  • Stay poor. Don't make enough to pay what you owe and spend, nor enough to save towards your goals.

Select one or more from above.  Then utilize the 2022 DMK Budget Series to work on your income, spending, bills and savings.


  • Earn more than it takes.  This is a no excuse article.  But you will always have excuses.  We all do.  Most of them aren't acceptable.  Your excuses are you calling in sick on your future financial freedom.  So, stop it.
  • If you need more money. Make more money.  Ask for a raise, seek a promotion, go back to school, get into a new line of work or take a second part-time job.
  • If you're going back to school or have a period of downtime on income earnings, the solution is to spend less.  That may mean you need to move, change your lifestyle and budget.  You have to stay committed to accepting the temporary changes to meet your long-term goals.


  • Spend less.  We usually all start to make a little more over the years.  It's safe to say that nearly everyone who reads this article  spends more too.  So. Stop it.
  • Utilize the 2022 DMK Budget Series article Save on Groceries, offering apps, ideas and tips to help you save while you spend.
  • Stop making frivolous purchases on a continuous basis.  These attack your future savings.
  • Think about how long it took you to make the money to buy that next big thing or those everyday things that really add up.


  • Organize your expenses.  Until you know what you owe and how often you owe it, you will always think like a poor person.  Stop it.
  • Utilize the 2022 DMK Budget Series with the Budget Guide and Best Budget Apps to easily get your finances organized (most apps are FREE).
  • Initiate a budget app that will help automate your budget needs.
  • Get your bills on an autopay program or set monthly alarms on your budget app to avoid late fees if you often forget to make payments on time.


  • Start saving immediately.  There isn't a reason everyone can't put something away for later.  It may not be enough to meet your goals and that goal may change as time goes on.  But regardless, you should always put something away towards future goals.
  • Investing only $10/week with a 7% ROI, after inflation, can result in over $25,000 in 25 years.  Every week you think of it as $10, but the return is $25,000.  It’s a money-mind trick.  So, trick yourself.
  • Utilize the 2022 DMK Budget Series with the Best Automatic Savings Apps to help you meet your savings goals with less effort (most apps are FREE).
  • Pay your savings and investment accounts as faithfully as your debts.  
  • Don't value other expenses more than you value yourself; your saving's goals should be considered in your reoccurring monthly expenses.
  • Automatic savings programs work because they’re consistent, effortless and usually affordable amounts.



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