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Top 6 Grocery Rebate Apps

These apps will help you save on grocery purchases without clipping a single coupon!  It's so easy and convenient you'll wonder why you didn't try it before now! Get coupons from some apps or rebates after your purchase from others.

1. GetUpside

Earn cash back at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants with this easy-to-use app

How it works

  • Download the app -iOS and Android
  • Search for participating establishments and locations
  • Select one with the cash back offers you want 
  • Select CLAIM on the offer (which gives you a specified period of time before the offer expires)
  • Upload the receipt or follow the other directions in order to get the cash back applied to your account

2. Ibotta

A great way to earn extra cash on every purchase or refer friends and family to get referral bonuses

How it works

  • Download the app - iOS and Android 
  • Unlock rebates - complete simple tasks to activate the rebate prior to shopping
  • Verify your purchases - scan barcodes and take a quick pic of the receipt
  • Get your cash in 48 hours - posited into your ibotta account (Paypal® or Venmo®)

3. Checkout 51

Easy, fast and convenient rebate app to help you save money on groceries

How it works

  • Download the app - iOS and Android
  • Browse offers - any product or store on the app site
  • Upload receipt - use the Checkout 51 app or web site 
  • They confirm - your purchase will be confirmed, and your rebate will be credited to your account
  • $20 - upon hitting this amount they will cash you out with a check

4. Receipt Hog

A fun and easy way to turn everyday receipts into cash or gift cards

How it works

  • Download the app - iOS and Android 
  • Take pictures of receipts from everyday purchases anywhere and for anything
  • Earn coins from Receipt Hog for every receipt uploaded 
  • Trade coins for Amazon® Gift Cards, Magazines or cash via Paypal®
  • Get Bonuses.  Play Hog Slots, take paid surveys, win free shopping trips and more

5. Shopkick

Get reward points (called kicks) in-store and online that can be redeemed for FREE gift cards

How it works

  • Download the app - iOS and Android
  • Get kicks at popular stores and/or online by scanning participating barcodes of the items then purchasing
  • Get kicks also when you watch videos and learn about new products on their app
  • Redeem the kicks for gift cards that are delivered digitally to your phone

6. Rakuten (Formerly Ebates)

Install the app and the cashback button finds and applies coupons and compares prices

How it works

  • Download the app - iOS and Android
  • They get commission from the stores to get you in the door and they share a portion with you as Cash Back
  • Every 3 months they'll send your earned Cash Back in the form of an actual check or PayPal®
  • Offers a Cash Back Visa® credit card to earn extra cash back (application required - terms and conditions apply)

7. RetailMeNot 

Delivering the deals you seek from thousands of your favorite stores and restaurants

How it works

  • Download the app - iOS and Android 
  • Also add their automatic Deal Finder™ to your browser (no more pasting codes)
  • The app offers cash back opportunities, coupons and online codes
  • Save on things like groceries, clothing and electronics
  • For use online and in your favorite stores like Target®, Michaels® and Sephora®

Top Cost Saving Ideas and Tips 

Shop fresh - Local farmer's markets, fresh fruit stands and independent farm's provide lower cost, fresher foods

Prepare your own - Prepare multiple meals in advance and freeze for weekly meals instead of buying packaged ready made foods (make 20 pancakes for .95 and freeze for the week instead of buying a package of 20 frozen pancakes for $3.25)

Participate in loyalty programs - Understand exactly how your grocer's loyalty program works for deals, cash back, points or cost saving advantages

Buy this, not that - Some simple options in the aisle can be the difference at the register (buy 12 eggs for breakfast for .85 a dozen instead of sugary cereal for $3.15 or try pre-popped popcorn for .45 bag instead of 2.99 for name brand chips)

Coupons are still worth clipping - If you have access to coupon circulars, take a look every week for items you would typically use

Apps are easy and convenient - One of the easiest ways to save on groceries is to use the apps like the ones mentioned above

Order online - The hardest part of shopping is impulse buying - Shop online and pick-up at the store or have it delivered to ensure you buy only what you need

Know the local sales - Read the grocery circulars and know the sales before you walk into the grocery store

Scratch and dent - Yes, even grocery stores have a scratch and dent bin with items that are perfectly good, but have a scratch or dent on the package

Prepare less than you need - Seems awful, but we usually prepare more than we need, eat more than we should and pitch more than we want

Invest in food containers - Abundant food containers cut down on pitching foods that could be lunch the next day or using wasteful sandwich bags or plastic wrap - also helps you prepare foods in advance instead of buying packaged foods, package your own cut fruits or vegetables instead of paying extra for precut foods

Buy in bulk - If there's a savings buy in bulk - meat in bulk can be cut up, separated and frozen for easy meal prep later 

However, don't assume bulk purchases are always going to save you money, sometimes there's no price difference in equal portions of the non-bulk option and if it's an item that you rarely use, don't just buy bulk in the hopes you'll use it more often before it goes bad; you usually won't

Store brands - Most store brands are considerably cheaper and are usually just as good

Discount stores - Aldi® and Sav-A-Lot® type stores are excellent places to get most shopping done for a considerably lower cost 

Seasonal foods - Don't buy fresh blueberries in January, not only are they more expensive but they are less nutritious and not grown locally

Make your soft drinks - Make tea, lemonade or Kool-Aid® (all can be made with low or no sugar) instead of buying expensive soft drinks or energy drinks

Water from the tap - Like cold water? Instead of bottled water for $3.50 for a 24 pack, put a container of water in the fridge or buy glass bottles for water-to-go               


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