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There are a lot of differences between the jobs you had when you were a teenager and the part-time job you need today.

You'll need a job that works with multiple family member's schedules, your current work schedule and possibly your children's custody schedule.   Your new part-time job should pay more than minimum wage to commensurate with your skill level and experience.  

In other words, it’s time to think bigger than fast food or retail unless the position pays higher than industry standards.

Part-time, high paying jobs 

Server or bartender

Like many jobs, these two opportunities can be exciting and high paying or lots of busy work with less than minimum wage. The key is to select a bar or restaurant that has better quality food, higher priced menu items and drinks.  This will attract a higher caliber clientele, repeat business, and a higher ticket amount.  All will provide higher and more frequent tips.  

It should be a place that's busy.  After training or a probationary period, your hours should coincide with at least 60% of the busy times.  Don’t get stuck on the day shift of a place that's only busy at night. You may not get hired for all busy shifts, but you shouldn't work all slow shifts doing all of the prep work to get the place ready for other servers who make the big money during busy times.  You should let the hiring manager know what you seek before you're hired to avoid a misunderstanding.  

Potential Pay with tips 

$15 to $40/ hour

Dog sitter or walker

This opportunity provides the flexibility to accept jobs that fit your schedule.   But, to earn consistently you'll need to be available to accept as many jobs as possible around your client's schedules.  You should enjoy working with pets and be in good shape to be able to keep up with energetic pets.  This is usually not seasonal, so depending on your annual climate, remember the job includes working outside even during inclement weather.

You may be required to get a background check, insurance or bonding depending on the client.  A great site to find clients is  They also assist you in providing a background check, if needed.

Potential Pay

$20-$25 per visit or walks or $50-$75 per night

Ridesharing like Uber® or Lyft®

If you have a late model vehicle with adequate insurance and proper licensing you're ready to apply.  There are also opportunities to rent a vehicle if you don't want to use your personal vehicle; but it can be costly so make sure you understand all fees, costs and requirements. 

In a few days you will be on your way to making money whenever you have time.  You can turn your app on when you're ready to drive and deposit your earnings instantly into your account once a day or whenever for a small fee.  Otherwise, they automatically deposit your earnings once a week.  You can drive to busier areas or just stay on-call at home.  

Potential Pay 



Do you have an academic or musical strength?  This is a great opportunity to use this strength to help those who need help in the subjects for which you are proficient.  You can work from home or meet your students at a local library or coffee shop.  Let local schools or music stores know you're available for tutoring services with specific focus on the subjects or instruments that you would like to teach.  Once you build a client base you won't need to continue to advertise as much and may eventually need to start a waiting list.  Until then, make sure to let your client's know you would appreciate a referral to family and friends.

Potential Pay

$25-$40/hour or lesson

Freelance writer

Proficient and experienced writers have unlimited opportunities to write on subject matters that are in demand and/or editorials for local magazines or blogs. There are online services like that offer freelance opportunities that may fit your skill, pay requirements and availability.  This is a great opportunity to earn maximum pay that should commensurate with your education, experience and schedule.  It's perfect for stay-at-home moms, busy parents

Potential Pay

$55-$100/assignment or article 

Online teacher

If you have the educational qualifications for teaching, you'll find this high paying work-from-home opportunity perfect.  You'll register with educational matching services that provide teaching jobs for online schools for adults and children overseas.  Due to the time difference you'll be able to work during your off-hours, evenings and from home.  The majority of the opportunities are ESL (English as a second language). Try some sites like or and search online teaching jobs

Potential Pay


Hobby and Independent Sales Jobs

Sometimes doing what you love can produce a good supplemental income.  Think about your skills.  Working in a career in which you excel can boost your self-esteem and make you a more productive person.  If you're creative, seek jobs like: floral arranging, marketing, decorating or home staging.  If you have a strong social circle, think about independent sales jobs like Avon®, Thirty-One® or Tupperware® (all are great for moms who need to work from home)!  If you have a hobby or craft, consider how you might be able to profit from it.  For instance, if you enjoy sewing, consider making small gifts for the holidays and selling them at craft fairs or online shopping channels or auctions.  If you need instant earnings, make sure your new part-time job has weekly, guaranteed pay.  Otherwise, when planning your own business, start small and work your way up to higher costs and higher profits as the business takes off.

Potential Pay - Plan Wisely

Your Investment - Unlimited Potential

Bus driver

Great for early risers and those who have a flexible schedule to accommodate this split shift job that offers great benefits and good pay.  You'll need a CDL (commercial driver's license) with passenger, school bus and possible air brake endorsements.  You should be ready for rowdy kids and comfortable to drive in all types of weather. You'll need to keep a timely schedule, but, usually have time to do other jobs during the day that fit with the two bus driving shifts.  Some jobs that work well would be work-from-home jobs, ridesharing, housecleaning or dog walking.

Potential Pay plus benefits



While the position requires a high school diploma, there's no need for an accounting degree.  However, it does help to have a background in accounting or bookkeeping.  You'll be an independent contractor and should advertise on social media sites or in local online classifieds or newspapers.  Reach out to your sphere of influence (circle of friends, past clients and family members) personally to let them know you're starting a bookkeeping service for small businesses and would love a referral.  You can use comprehensive software programs to manage the books and get them prepared for quarterly returns.

Potential Pay 


House or Office Cleaning

Anyone is a potential client.  Build your business through your personal connections at work, church or children's school.  You can also advertise on social media or local classifieds.  Local business owners need reliable and affordable janitorial services.  Choose the jobs that fit with your schedule and areas convenient to home or your primary job.  You'll need to be physically fit and prepared for routine bending and lifting.  You'll also need some supplies that may require a modest investment.  

You should bid on jobs according to the tasks associated with the particular home or commercial establishment and that meet your requirements for pay.  Don't let potential clients talk you off your rate or quote.  This service is laborious and can be time consuming.  The potential pay is pretty good but the service is worth every penny and your clients should appreciate what you do for what you want to be paid.

Potential Pay


Concierge Service and House Sitting

This is basic house management while the owner is unavailable.  Concierge service providers may have to wait at the house for home service vendors like an electrician or cable guy. You may be asked to pick up dry cleaning, groceries or even the kids from school.  Your clients may ask that you do light housekeeping or things like taking the pet to the veterinarian.  You'll usually need a safe, dependable & insured vehicle.

House sitters may stop in daily to water plants, care for pets, bring in mail or newspapers and check on things.  You may need to stay overnight for a period of time, as needed.  This is a very nice job for extra money without a lot of extra work.  Once you provide house sitting or concierge services you'll want to maintain contact with your customers to stay top-of-mind and to ensure they think of you early enough when they have a need for such help.  It's always good to reach out to family and friends personally to let them know about your new business and to keep up your advertising online and in local classifieds.  You'll have some customers who need you routinely, but most often the job is "as needed".  It's a business that can grow quickly, so if you are looking for something that can eventually go full-time, this is it!  Also, try to advertise or find clients right away.

Potential Pay

$25-30/hour or $50-$75/ night


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