It's ironic how so many of us divorce due to money problems, yet statistically divorce causes more financial hardship.  But, by the time you see just how bad things are about to get, it's too late.

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You're on your own and times are tough.  You need to get serious about your budget, but somehow something always comes up that makes it impossible to stay on track.  Before things go too far, you need to find a new budget that is designed with the busy, singleton in mind.  It's designed for you!

What debts are included when we get divorced?

Marital debt is any debt that was incurred while married and before a legal separation.  In community property states, marital debt is often referred to as community property debt or community debt.  However, some attorneys disagree with the reference "community property debt", since debt is not property, rather a liability or obligation.

It's a difficult time and you're making important decisions that affect every piece of personal property along with your savings, debts, pets, home, kids, living situation and life.  Can it be more complicated?  Doubtful.

Wondering where to invest a lump sum settlement or other money in order to earn a good rate of return?  Before meeting with your investment advisor, it's a good idea to understand the investment options available.

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We put together a list of the most popular travel sites with details about what they offer to those who want to save time and money when going places!  


The economy is changing constantly.  Your life is changing too.  One of the most important factors to secure your future is to ensure financial stability.  Setting financial goals in order to guard against these changes that negatively impact your money is important.  There are numerous plans to help you achieve your financial goals.  They include modification to your income, budget and investments.

Bad times for a great purchase

According to a Bureau of Economic Analysis, consumer spending accounted for 68% of our nations economy.  Sounds like shopping therapy works for the gander, but how 'bout the goose?

Faced with the problem of how to live with less money, time and assets is like a Rubik's Cube®.  Solve one side and the other gets messed up.  At least for us beginners-

The GOP's Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts (TCJA) will make some significant differences for families in 2019.  It especially affects those negotiating alimony and support payments as a result of a pending divorce.

Few things in life will prepare you for a legal suit against someone you formerly loved and possibly share children. Divorce is complicated, frustrating and depressing.

Which is worse?  The IRS or your ex?  Hmm.  This may take a minute.  Now, don't be hasty in your decision.  Let’s say in the instance of a possible audit, your ex is not the worst of the two.

Divorce is not a reason to let your money problems kick your butt!  When they start to get you down, you need to determine the specific problems and develop solutions to help you achieve financial success.