Women and men have different value systems and divorce is one more way this is demonstrated.  DMK put together some facts about women and divorce to shed some light on the reasons why you and your spouse may each have a dissimilar opinion and experience regarding the same divorce.

The best legal and emotional settlement starts by preparing for potential problems you could face when divorcing before you separate.  

Many things happen in the wake of a divorce.  Most of us are still suffering the heartbreak, frustration and anger associated with a break-up while we deal with the legal aspects that leave us with half or less of everything (including time with our kids).  We no sooner get through one situation and another challenging one occurs. 

There are many ways my family and I offset the frequency of these situations and their duration.  I put together a list of common problems and solutions that may also help you.

I was in my early 40's when I divorced.  I had 3 children, ages 12, 14 and 16 along with a home mortgaged 90% of it's value.  I worked the entire time I was married except for 6 weeks maternity leave for each child.