Child custody schedules can be difficult on our kids and positively maddening for us. Alternating weeks and weekends, holidays and special occasions are confusing unless we plan our lives around these schedules. As it goes, many of us do. Everything is hinged on, "Do we have the kids this weekend, today or next holiday?".

The first year following your divorce is going to present many new and possibly frustrating scenarios.  Whether it's the first major home repair, parent-teacher meetings at your child's school or first family vacation, you may not feel totally prepared.   Rest assured most of your concerns are totally normal.

It's a great time of year to head to the kitchen to bake up some treats with the fam!  We put together some easy and delicious recipes that are sure to be perfect for any occassion.

Do you ever feel like your divorce is a pet concrete block shackled to your ankle?  This pet may feel like you must feed, carry and care for this pet block every minute, of everyday.