Doesn't it feel good to clean out the closet & let go of all of that stuff you never wear?  Some of it was barely worn.  Most of it's a reminder that you should really take more time considering your purchases. foot-in-mouth

Ok.  You're single but things aren’t exactly going as you hoped.  Maybe it’s been awhile since you dated or the dating scene doesn’t even appeal to you.  Either way you're not exactly happy and single feels more like a condition rather than a status.  We have a few hot tips to get you back to being happily single.  Let's go!

We put together a shortlist of locations everyone should go at least once in their lifetime.  Grab a friend and book your trip today! 

New York City,  Las Vegas,  Crater Lake,  Yosemite,  Sedona and Harper's Ferry are some "must see" attractions for the traveler in anyone.  You're certain to be inspired and impressed with any of these awesome locations!  

Let's go!


Gossip is one of those things most of us have been caught up in, at one point or another.  We all know how it feels to have been talked about behind our backs.  We've also all done a little talking ourselves.