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Ok.  You're single but things aren’t exactly going as you hoped.  Maybe it’s been awhile since you dated or the dating scene doesn’t even appeal to you.  Either way single and happy feels more like a condition rather than a status.  We have a few hot tips to get you back to being happily single.  Let's go!

Hot tip #1       Get to know yourself again

The first person you want to meet is yourself.  Take the time to think about the differences between who you are today and the person you were before you were married.  Chances are you've changed a lot.  Your ideal match may be very different from your previous spouse or those you dated.  If he/she isn't, then you may be attracted to the qualities sought years ago rather than what you seek and need today.  This is common and may be a reason why most second marriages fail.  Until you identify your current interests, likes and dislikes you won’t be able to first focus on achieving personal happiness, then finding someone who truly shares similar interests.

Hot tip #2       Live life your way

Being single allows you the personal freedoms you didn’t have when sharing your life with someone else.  Revel in it!  Spoil yourself a little.  Think about some of those hidden indulgences you never had the time or money to do.  Buy that mountain bike you really want.  Try some new cuisines.   Learn a new language.  Sleep in the whole bed instead of the side your used to sleeping on.   No matter how small, liberate yourself!

Hot tip #3       Spend more time with friends

Enjoy the extra time you formerly spent with your ex with those you weren't able to be with as much while married.  You may be surprised how rewarding it can be to develop stronger relationships with parents, children and friends!  It's also a great time to make new friends that are suited to your current interests and hobbies.

Hot tip #4      Get healthy and happy

Focus on your health, fitness and personal well-being.  Start a healthy new routine.  Your eating habits are completely up to you.  Work out where and when you want and do what makes you feel great about yourself.  Now is the time to really get into a new project, hobby or class.  Find a new side hustle that can supplement your income doing something that you love!  

Hot tip #5       Find someone by not looking

Stop looking for that perfect person!  Sometimes the best way to meet someone is to stop searching.  Instead focus on socializing, self-improvement and spending time with family and friends.  Do the things that make you happy.  It's very possible that the right person with similar interests is out there doing the same things.  If you're both vegged out on the couch, you'll never meet each other.  Now, get up and get out there.

Hot tip #6       Date someone you know

Finally, don’t exclude that special someone who has always been there, but perhaps you failed to think of as more than a friend.  This doesn't mean to start dating a good friend just because you're lonely.   Instead, if you start to develop feelings for each other, you could spend more time as friends to see if the feelings develop before taking things to the next level.


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