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Gossip is one of those things most of us have been caught up in, at one point or another.  We all know how it feels to have been talked about behind our backs.  We've also all done a little talking ourselves.

A great way to get through the gossip bug is to address it swiftly and modestly.  Overreacting to hurtful or egregious gossip is also a reward to those who wish to draw you into their gossip circle.

Don't waste time on gossip

When distasteful untruths or rude comments are brought to your attention, make your response short and sharp.  Make every intention to show them you'll not regard such rhetoric with any further discussion. 

It's not uncommon to dislike gossip, but still be drawn into it by the gossip pros.  Sometimes they have no idea they're the ones who drive the rumors from one friend to another.  They just live and die to gossip.  The more you're exposed to these people, the more you also become a gossip pro. 

You have control to end it

You have to stop the cycle before all of your social circle becomes a toxic frenzy of he said/she said. 

If they call, they call to talk about someone.  So, what do they want in return?  They want you to feed their bad intentions.  When you agree or go along with what they think or say, they get a reward.  Then they're done with you and move on to their next victim.  

Yes, that's right.  The victim is not always the person they are talking about, rather it's all of us that listen, agree (even when we aren't so sure), or let them in to breed hate. 

These people have no boundaries of sincere friendship or loyalty.  They don't really regard our opinion, they just use us for their own self-validation.  We are as dispensable as the person or persons they called to gossip about.  And not to state the obvious, but it would not be a great surprise if the next phone call made by the gossip pro was to the person they were just gossiping about and the conversation topic no doubt would likely be you!

Can they change their gossipy ways?

Simply stop feeding these hungry gossip queens.  When they call, either stop answering or stand-up to them.  Say you don't want to discuss negative things about your mutual friends or family members.  If they stop calling then you know that gossiping is all they really wanted from you. 

If they change their ways, then they may have been unaware of their toxic behavior and will be closer to you for keeping your friendship a positive one.


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