Caution, this article might offend positive people. 

But, here it goes.  On the basis of feeling "good" about your life, yourself and others it isn't uncommon to let in some negativity.  This article is purely for the nonscientific, nonjudgmental, hater like me who just wants to call it like it is once in a while.

Ways to wake up your social life

Divorce can be one big lonely "sadfest" that robs us of our normal social selves.  It can easily turn us into couch potatoes or worse... yogi's!  Ok, as it is, yoga is actually pretty good and if you haven't had a Netflix® binge watching weekend, then you simply haven't lived the dream.

Cool parents are cool people who raise super cool kids.  It doesn't mean that to be a cool parent you should be your child's friend. 

You may not think much about why music makes you feel better.  Sometimes the experience of something is enough to know it works. 

New hobbies, friends and skills are the next step to moving forward after your separation.  You can get your new life started as early as the first stage of divorce.

Oh the mighty ego.  It can be responsible for so many great moments in your life.  It can also be the mighty ego that destroys so much of your life.

No matter your stage of divorce, your feelings about your ex may stay the same for years.  It's a liberating feeling to forgive and forget.  However, the pain you may feel associated with divorce can create emotional baggage that makes forgiveness difficult.

Many of you are busy with the typical challenges of everyday life.  Maybe you started an account on Facebook® or LinkedIn®. But, who has the time to find out  everything there's to know about the hottest social media apps that can supercharge your social circle, career or creative genius?

It’s not uncommon for health experts to recommend staying active following a difficult time in your life.  

Divorce in your twenties

It's difficult to know exactly what you want for the rest of your life when in your early twenties.  You totally think you know, but once you get into your thirties, you realize how much you really didn't. foot-in-mouth