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New hobbies, friends and skills are the next step to moving forward after your separation.  You can get your new life started as early as the first stage of divorce.

While you can start to rebuild at any stage, the sooner you start to add new beginnings into your life, the easier it will be to let go of the problems from your past. 

Getting started on a new path

One of the first things to realize on your path to a brighter future is that your problems won't disappear because you have new positive hobbies in your life. 

However, there's only so much time in your day.  If you have a lot of complicated things to worry about and limited good things happening, then your divorce wins.  It has your full attention and will continue to breed unhappiness in your life.  Combat your fears, anger and sadness with new hobbies, learning experiences, friends and wellness.  You'll find the value placed on your problems is reduced since your attention is now shared with these positive activities. 

No. You won't extinguish your problems, but you'll have new positive energy that provides a clearer mind when making decisions regarding them.  You'll be better able to deal with certain, unchangeable issues and be on your way to let go of the past in an effort to move forward in your life.

Accept the chance for a better life

Don't waste a single day letting your problems succeed at taking over your life.  Take your life back.  Take it back from your former spouse.  Take it back from your failed marriage.  Take it back from the sad, broken times.   Fix your life.

You are the only one whose responsible for your happiness and to take action to become the person you know you should be.   You are also the only one who can take responsibility for any failure to achieve your goals.  

Since it isn't easy to know where to start when selecting a new hobby, we've put together some things to consider when getting started.


Keep it simple in the beginning.  While you may find an immediate interest in something that keeps your mind off your problems, there are some reasons to take caution.

Don't burn out on a new hobby by spending so much time on it, it quickly loses it's luster.  Also, don't overspend on new hobby tools or items.  Start small and slowly build your supplies.  Make sure you have other interesting things in your life so that you are not solely reliant on one hobby to keep your life interesting and positive.

Skills and Learning

It's very important to learn new things over the course of your life.  Regardless what life throws at you, you'll want to continually challenge yourself with intriguing, interesting opportunities and education.  It keeps your mind active and provides you a personal satisfaction, helpful in achieving happiness.  What you learn or improve will be based on your personal interests.  However, it should be challenging enough to develop new knowledge, talent or skills that provide both a sense of accomplishment and motivation.


There's very little in your life that will be more important than your health.  You can't be completely effective at anything you do if your personal well-being is neglected.  In addition to simply maintaining your health is to provide yourself positive wellness achievements that not only provide you a healthier body, but go a long way to providing you a stronger sense of self and mind.  An effective personal wellness program can help you attain such achievements. 

The program can be anything that gets you engaged in caring for your body.  It could be meditation, yoga, healthy eating habits, aerobic activities, walking, rest and relaxation, stress reduction therapy, personal training, weight lifting, health awareness, etc.  Set goals, determine how to reach them and track your success.

Health and Wellness Apps

Try some top apps as tools for your personal wellness program success. 

Friends and Socializing

Marriage, family, career and life can really get in the way of a good social life.  When things are good, then we may not notice how our social life suffers.  But, as things happen, and they always happen, life gets complicated and a good friend or two (or twenty), can be extremely helpful. 

If you've lost touch with some of your friends, don't hesitate to reach out.  You don't need to be the friend that's lost touch and is now getting a divorce, looking for a shoulder to cry on. 

Just meet for lunch or go out for drinks to catch up.  Keep your conversations positive and leave the venting about tough stuff for a counselor, relative or someone you've been close to over the recent years. 

Expand your social circle.  Get out there, talk, laugh and focus on a new positive support structure!  Don't wait another day.  Your social life is easier than ever to improve.  Social media provides the easiest way to reconnect with friends.  If you're not familiar with the sites or apps, check out the 2020 DMK article, Social Media for Beginners to learn about the best sites and apps used to meet or reconnect with friends.


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