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After being married for awhile, you may suddenly arrive on the single scene really confused about the latest lingo in everyday conversation.  It's time to get caught up on all this verbiage meant to describe your new-hip-self and lifestyle.   You may never think of Netflix® and dating the same way again!

Perhaps you'll reject such rhetoric initially; but, eventually you'll either succumb to the new millennial inspired verbiage or you may get Cheyboyganed when someone throws shade, tells you you're acting salty or to sip tea.   

What the h*ll does it all mean anyway?

Slang.  Urban language.  Jargon.  Lingo. 

All of these terms can be used to describe the new additions to our traditional language.  Some of this new informal language has made it's way into traditional dictionaries to notably change language as we know it.  There are also online dictionaries like that provide the meanings to most jargon as well.

This verbiage is commonly used in texts, social media posts and casual conversing.   It's used by varied demographics and for various reasons.  It's typically not ideal for professional communications. 

It's important to understand what the lingo means so that it's used appropriately and understood during casual conversations.

Teenagers and young adults use this urban slang a lot.  Knowing this stuff can be really helpful when you have kids and young adults living at home using this foreign language.

Maybe looking super cool to our kids is one reason many of us adults have begun to understand and use this jargon, especially for texting and chatting.  Some of the language may be new to you, but already overused, which lessens it's coolness.  There's really no way of knowing since, like technology, these new terms can come on the scene hot and quickly fizzle.  However, most words and phrases are still used and it's helpful to understand them when sent or said to you.  Let's get started!

New urban slang for the beginner

General terms

Gucci - when something is good 

Hundo P - 100% sure or when you're positive about something

GOAT - greatest of all time, the best

TBH - to be honest

throw shade - giving someone a dirty look or saying something nasty about them

low key - to keep things private (like a relationship)

lit - really cool or popping, when something is awesome

I'm weak - refers to being entertained or humored

skurt - to leave

folx - people of any gender, short for "folks"

salty - bitterness towards someone or about something, usually about something little

sip tea - mind your own business

straight fire - when things are really good, trendy or it can also mean - when things are on the up and up

jelly - jealous

fierce - to look both unbelievably attractive and powerful, not to be handled - sexy, smart and ambitious spirit

straight fire - when things are really good, trendy or it can also mean when things are on the up and up

thicc - chubs in all the right places, sexually appealing - curvaceous body

Friends, family and dating

ship - short for relationships

bae - short for babe or before anyone else

peep  - your friends, short for "your people"

bruh - casual name for bro or brother

curve - to reject someone's sexual advances or romantic interests

fam - short for family or used to describe their closest friends

squad - term for group of close friends

Sex and stuff

Netflix® and chill - have casual sex 

hookup - generally means to have casual sex, less often it means to kiss and/or have romantic relations that may or may not end in sex

hookup heads up - casually letting an ex or someone who likes you or still has feelings for you know that you had sex with someone so that they don't hear it from someone else 

hookup hangover - the guilt or crappy feeling after a hookup

thirsty - wanting sex or being desperate for something

smash - to have casual sex

Sometimes these terms and euphemisms may have multiple meanings.  We may not have been able to include all meanings, but listed the most common. 

Remember, before anything else, be yourself.  If these terms are too foreign to use in conversation, then don't.  But, at least you'll know what they mean if someone sends you an obscure text that would confuse most average baby boomers or gen x'ers.   

Anyway, we have to skurt.  We have lots of straight fire articles to write for our peeps!  Did that sound right?  tongue-out

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