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Finding a new job is tough.  Finding a new career following a divorce is even harder.  DMK Career & Education makes it easier with articles, resources and tips designed for the recent divorcee.  You deserve more than a job.  You deserve a career!   Use our list of top sites and job boards to get started!

Our list includes Job Boards and Job Search Engines

  • Job Boards are sites that are dedicated to job listings posted directly by employers who are actively looking to fill open positions.  They are often niche oriented and segmented by specific industries.
  • Job Search Engines are an aggregated accumulation of job listings from job boards and employer web sites.  They may also include direct postings from employers, similar to those on a Job Board and may still be specific to an industry.

2023 DMK List of Top Sites for a New Job

Glassdoor - Comprehensive job candidate site offering job posts, salary information and company reviews as its primary features

Career Builder - Recruitment site that features trending searches and career development, learning opportunities and resume building

Simply Hired - Job search engine that features job postings aggregated from other job boards and free job postings for employers 

Indeed - Perhaps the most popular job site available with a comprehensive selection of jobs, salaries and company reviews

Zip Recruiter - Simple but comprehensive job site with sections dedicated to trending job titles, companies, cities, categories and job types

Monster - Top job board featuring video job ads and search by job title, keyword, companies and career advice

Snagajob - Niche job site that is specific to hourly jobs

LinkUp  - Job board, job search engine featuring up-to-date job listings direct from employer sites and employer submissions

LinkedIn - Social platform for professional connections, job training and millions of job and internship postings

Robert Half International - Site for a worldwide specialized recruiting firm

USA Jobs - Official United States government job board dedicated to federal government jobs  

Geebo - Community Classified with a comprehensive employment section

Dribbble - Niche job site for the design community

Betterteam - Listings of Job Boards

Remember to keep track of your resume submissions when visiting multiple sites to ensure you aren't submitting your resume multiple times to one employer featured on multiple job sites.

How do I know if it's a job board or job search engine?

In order to provide the most comprehensive job search to its users, most job sites include both their own listings as well as aggregated listings from other job sites and employer web sites.

It's common for job search engines to be referenced as job boards and job boards to be referenced as job search engines or aggregators.  If you seek information online about any of the job sites we list, some review sites refer to them as job boards and some as job search engines or aggregators. 

Many refer to themselves as job boards, most likely based on market studies that indicated what the average job seeker would search, rather than based on the accuracy of the tech lingo.

If it concerns you, refer to how the job site operates rather than its classification e.g. Does it only accept listings directly from employers (job board) or are there listings from other sites also (job search engine)?

Are there any benefits in using one or the other?

The primary difference is that when applying to a job from a job board that only advertises direct employer submissions, due to direct updates made by the employer, if the position is still posted you know it has a higher likelihood of still being available.  There may be less exposure for the position to other candidates (unless other search engines have picked up the listing - which is common). Generally, the listing details will be more up to date on these job boards also.

Sometimes when the listing is on a job search engine the job posting may have been filled and removed from the original job board, but not updated on the search engine. Often job search engines or aggregators will note where the job posting originated.

In order to provide the most comprehensive job search to its users, most job sites include both their own listings as well as aggregated listings from other job sites and employer web sites.


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