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It's important to love what you do.  Moreover, it's important that your earnings are sufficient to provide the lifestyle that you want.  Sometimes you can love your career, but it doesn't provide the income necessary. 

We have listed 5 ways for you to earn an extra $10,000 over the next 12 months.  Use it to go on vacation, pay off your debt or make up for lost wages from a former spouse.  Regardless of how your spend your money, who wouldn't want an extra ten grand within the next 12 months?

Own your own business

Ideas include: Auto repair, handyman, pet care, childcare, lawncare and landscaping, home contracting, home staging, painting, house cleaning                        There are numerous opportunities in the service industry that would allow you to earn extra money running your own business in the evenings and on weekends.  

Potential Increase: If you earn on average $200/week and you invest it weekly for 52 weeks with a 15% ROI - after 1 year (the invested capital and simple interest) before taxes and inflation would be:


Extra earnings before investment: $10,400 (before taxes)

Ridesharing or App related jobs

Idea summary: If you have a reliable vehicle or sign-up to rent a car for ridesharing, you can make great extra income driving part-time. Uber® and Lyft® are the two most popular ridesharing companies.  Sometimes Lyft® offers sign up bonuses after you complete 100 rides. You'll get a great tax deduction that will help with the depreciation of your vehicle and the cost of fuel.  The best part is there are no set hours; you can drive whenever you want and however much you need!  They also have opportunities to get instant payouts for a small fee whenever you want; otherwise, they will directly deposit your earnings into your bank account weekly.  

Some other flexible jobs that are available via app:

Instacart® - Shop for others and earn a fee

Grubhub® - Deliver food from local restaurants

DoorDash® - Deliver food from local restaurants

Uber Eats® - Deliver food from local restaurants

Potential Increase: If you earn on average $40/night for 3 nights and $150/weekend, you will earn approximately $270/week.  If you invested it weekly for 52 weeks with a 15% ROI - after 1 year (the invested capital and simple interest) before taxes and inflation would be:


Extra earnings before investment: $14,040 (before taxes)

Online businesses

Ideas include: Virtual assisting, blogging, social media consulting, writing an Ebook for Amazon, copywriting and editing, providing web design services, home based customer service for well-known companies or on-line marketing

Potential Increase: If you earn on average $200/week for 52 weeks and invest it weekly with a 15% ROI - after 1 year (the invested capital and simple interest) before taxes and inflation would be:


Extra earnings before investment: $10,400 (before taxes)


Idea summary: Airbnb connects travelers with locals with extra rooms, mother-in-law quarters or entire homes available for guest accommodations. 

Potential Increase: According to the average Airbnb host earns $924/month.  If you invested it monthly for 12 months with a 15% ROI - after 1 year (the invested capital and simple interest) before taxes and inflation would be:


Extra earnings before investment: $11,088 (before taxes)

Rehab a home

Idea summary: This is risky, but the payoff is huge.  Search for a small home in a neighborhood that has stable increase of value over the last 5 years.  The home should need cosmetic work only.  Be sure to consult an agent with experience in real estate investing to help you with the potential value.  Even if the home is sold as-is and the owner would not make any repairs upon problems found in a building inspection, ask to have 10 days for inspections with an opportunity to cancel the contract if latent defects, beyond your ability to repair, are found.

Potential Increase: You'll need to factor in the cost to list and sell the home, along with the costs of cosmetic repairs, mortgage payments until you sell, insurance and taxes and several unexpected costs that always come up after your purchase. 

The home's potential value should exceed all of the above plus the purchase price of the home.  If you purchase a home for $80,000, spend $15,000 to fix-it-up, $6,500 sales commission to sell it, 4 months of mortgage payments (PITI) at $700/mo ($2,800), 10% for unexpected issues ($800) and sell at $130,000 your return on your investment would be:

$24,900 (before taxes)

Note: You will need to dedicate every extra minute you have to working on the home in order to get it done and sold within 4 months.  Every extra month is an extra payment.  Consider that, along with the unexpected repairs beyond the $15,000 and any sub-contracted work to get your profit .  There is no way to know all the expenses, but this should give you an idea.  It's a risky business and not for everyone.  But, the payoff is huge!


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