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If you could, what would you change about your job, kids or home?  Would you get a new schedule for work, a new job all together? 

Would you give more chores to your kids or try to establish a new visitation schedule based on your schedule?  Would you consider moving from your house or maybe hire a housekeeper to care for it? 

"Um. Yes, but no. Hmm.  Can I give it some thought?"  


But, when you're done with the article, you'll know the right answer to the right questions about making your life easier, more productive and happier.  Let's get started.

Why effective people are successful people

Effective people make changes to improve situations that are unproductive, make them unhappy or are problematic.  Rather than complain, live in miserable circumstances or accept the unacceptable, they deal with their problems in an efficient manner.   When a problem is outside of their control, they find the correct person or authority to speak to regarding the problem.  When they present the problem to the correct person, they do so along with a suggested solution.

You can choose to be successful, or you can do nothing at all

While it may seem like we're giving you a very direct approach to solving the problem of an overwhelming lifestyle, the fact is that when faced with too much to do and not enough time or help in doing it, you have some options.

You can complain and do nothing which never helps your situation.  You can solve the problem by either removing or changing your current obligations.  You can work harder to make everything else work better or you can find a successful compromise between modifying some things, eliminating others and stepping-up your game.

If you choose to be successful, start here

Before doing so, you'll need to develop efficient and consistent problem-solving skills.   You will start to take control of your life, diminish your overwhelming schedule and problems and eliminate situations that lead to more problems.  

Action Plan

  1. First acknowledge problems in a prompt manner.  The longer you to take to admit there's a problem, the worse the problem gets. 
  2. Determine a viable solution and immediately take action to solve it.  Solutions are not always easy to initiate.  Even the smallest change can make a difference.  So don't delay.
  3. Initiate preventative measures to deter similar problems from arising again.  It will give you the confidence to conquer numerous issues that negatively impact your life.  Use this plan as a template for negating any issue.  e.g. If you spend too much, maybe you started a new budget.  Apply the same type of budget template to nutrition, time management, social indulgence.  

While positive outcomes from effective decision-making may not always be easy to achieve, every problem that you're in control to change can be improved by implementing an action plan.  

Who can solve your problem?

Unfortunately, it may seem that initiating such a plan complicates the problem.  Therefore, many suffer in hopes the problem will just solve itself or feel the problem is not their responsibility even though they are affected by it. 

The overwhelming majority of problems don't solve themselves. People solve them.  In fact, some of your problems may very well have stemmed from someone else solving their own problems at your expense. 

If the problem is in the way of you and your family's happiness, then you are the primary person to solve it.  When you are dealing with an issue regarding an overload of responsibilities, you may have some common reasons for failing to find the solution.   If it affects you, it's your problem.  Solve or suffer.  It's your choice.

Success Tip 

Easy plan to be a successful person:  Think like a successful person and you'll act like one.  Act successful and others will follow you.  When others follow you, you become a leader.  When you have the confidence to lead, you'll feel more successful and empowered to solve any problem that gets in the way of your success.  You'll be a successful person. 

What gets in our way and how to get around it

First, you may be so overwhelmed with the problem you feel there's no time to determine a solution.

Hogwash.  A solution to many problems doesn’t need a boardroom full of people to advise you on what to do.  Liberate yourself to make difficult decisions that will make your life, job and family better.  Don’t spend forever on your decisions to solve problems.  Formulate problem solving strategies to learn how to develop a solution for any problem quickly and efficiently.  Be your own life coach.  Set goals and expect solutions. 

Second, you may realize a solution, but block it with the idea that the solution is on a list of impossibilities due to affordability, time, cooperation or low expectations.  You bank your ideas instead of the success that can come from them.

Either the solution is a solution, or it isn’t.  Winning the lottery is not a solution to your financial obligations.  While some things aren't as obvious as that, you should determine if you're wishful thinking or developing actual problem-solving techniques. 

e.g., If you're an idea person but never take action to implement ideas, then that's a problem.  The way to be a successful person who implemented great ideas that lead to success instead of just being an idea person is to determine how to get from point (a) to points (b - z).  

Don’t exclude new solutions that require reasonable risk or investment if they are the best opportunity for solving the problem.

Third, while you may be extremely busy and a dedicated worker, you fail to initiate change of your chaotic routine due to unbeknownst fear and ritualistic behaviors.  You are prone to habitual stress.

Sometimes our lives become so entrenched with routine, we become more like machines that require constant pressurization in order to operate.  Unfortunately, we are not an engine.  We don’t need continuous stressors in our life to motivate us.  If we subliminally trick ourselves into believing this, we'll begin to find our overall health, happiness and problem-solving skills suffer.

We must break free from what we've done all our life, all our career and during our free time.  Add effective models of a better, more efficient lifestyle. Make reasonable efforts to solve problems quickly and with the least amount of pushback.

Fourth, you have had a bad experience with changes that effect major issues in your life.

Fear from previous experiences can be paralyzing.  It can distract anyone from applying themselves to be stronger, happier, more effective leaders, employees, parents and problem solvers.  

Problems blockaded by fears need to be priorities.  You must find a support system that allows you to solve such problems with ease and determination.  Your support system can include life coaches, problem solving systems, friends, family, books and pro-active developments to prevent similar problems from coming back.

Once you get passed some of the barriers that make you less effective, you will find that the overload in your life will be reduced.  You will be a stronger, more valuable person in everything you do.  Moreover, you will find more value in yourself. 

Confidence to make your own decisions without other's opinions and/or advice will empower you.  This helps you speak up as your own advocate for time, money and family in an effort to avoid new problems.  

It will be obvious when you become comfortable taking charge of problems that need to be solved without other's input.   Your new outlook on problem solving will reduce worries, improve health and confidence and get you and your family living a happier, healthier life.  

Now.  Get solving.


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