The decision to separate isn't easy.  It either initiates the end of your marriage or time apart from your spouse to determine if your marriage can be saved.  The possibilities and challenges are overwhelming.  It helps to know the general path you and your spouse will use to transition from your current relationship to reconciliation or divorce.

My husband and I had every intention to divorce when we decided to separate.  We shared an attorney who advised us of the different types of divorce options offered where we live.  We were advised our state required a 6 month waiting period to divorce following a legal separation. 

It's not easy to be married, then get separated and suddenly live alone.  The divorce is a constant reminder that something was wrong in your life.  

Arguments, heartbreak and marriage problems can distort your perspective and make your decision making skills equivalent to a love sick teenager.  One of the most challenging things I realized days after my separation was that I wasn't over my wife or my marriage.